I love turtles

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Who love turtles, and what's your favorite animal?
:smile1: I love turtles & tortoises, they are so cute! My favourite animal would have to be a Tiger or an eagle. Very hard chose to make as I really love many different animals. Animals are my friends. I am like Snow White in many ways :smile1:
That's good :) Tiger and eagle? wow :cool: Animals friend we are.
Turtles are neat, I also like cats and dogs.
I have a pet box turtle named Mikey, hes awesome :D and I have two cats. Mice are my favorite animal.
I like turtles! I'd never actually seen one up-close in its natural habitat until I went to Cuba. They're incredible creatures. My favourite animals are cats - I have an extremely affectionate Tabby/Siamese cat, so I'm a bit biased. I love Pandas as well, and I can relate to their love of naps and eating huge amounts!
And what do you think the fishes?
I have a turtle and a parrot. I like bears, I have lots of the stuffed variety and people keep bringing me more bear things now.
I love those turtles!
I love foxes myself they're beautiful animals and smart too.
I like turtles, i like most animals and marine life but if i had to chose a favorite it will definitely have to be birds.
Turtles are cute, for sure.

Dolphins are my favorite animal though. I'm not a dolphin apologist who wants to pretend they are something they aren't. They are capable of bad things and aren't perfect.. but neither are people.. but the reason they can is because of how amazing they are! They are so intelligent. They have amazing congntive abilities and have culture. They are so playful and play with those not of their species too! I just love them!
You should go on You Tube and put in, "I like turtle". There was a funny clip on Tosh.0 and he had the kid on his show. Anyway, my favorite animal is the dog, obviously. I'm sort of a dog whisperer. I just seem to attract them.
I have animals that are my favourite for different reason.

The animal that just makes me happy to look at is the mouse. They just look so cute. I have this thing where I can't bring myself to kill mice. If a kangaroo has been hit by a car and is in pain, I have no problem killing it to end it's misery. Same goes for cats, birds, goats. If I have to kill them to stop them suffering, I can. But when I found a mouse that had eaten poison I couldn't bring myself to kill it.

Frogs are also animals that make me happy just to look at... and chooks (chickens).

And I love watching birds. I do a lot of animal photography and birds are my favourite. Thanks to Australia's awesome high speed dial up, I got pissed off trying to upload onto a site that didn't have my real name on it and cancelled it. So only a few of my favourite pictures that I've taken. I love the one with my dog and the chicken. The chicken and the dog have an ongoing battle where the dog tries to stop her roosting on the table and the chicken tries to get past her. Since the dog isn't allowed to touch the chicken, it's a funny dance. Quite often, the chicken will go under her legs or jump on her back.

http://s7.photobucket.com/user/Zoomah/library/2014 and 2015

Falcon's and eagles are the coolest animals.

And my favourite animal overall... dogs.
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