I kept handwritten data for a year about a small adult wearing Pampers 7. Anyone Interest in me typing it?


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So, yeah, as the title says, I'm a really skinny adult, and for the last year, I've primarily worn Pampers Size 7 diapers (Swaddlers and Cruisers but mostly Swaddlers).
Anyway, more to the point, I study law so I'm meticulous about keeping data, and one project I thought I'd keep data on and then analyze the findings was my diaper wearing and use. So I did. I'm a Luddite, though, so it's all hand-written.

I'm cool with leaving it as such for my own personal reference, but I wanted to see if there was any interest in such a thing being published on here. I know it's a hot button issue around these parts, so if anything, it might add clarity to an often murky situation.

Anyway, yeah, let me know if any of you all are interested.


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I’m a small adult, and I just might grow soon. I’ve always kinda wrote this topic off as impossible, but, I’d hate to be wrong and have lost my chance while still tiny :(

Count me as interested.