I have an idea for cloth diapers that actually feel like modern diapers (great for binge purge cycle or possible plastic ban)


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I've been thinking of this for quite a while and now I have came up with this idea for better cloth diapers that are more modern

Here's what you need

Bloomer panties (not bloomer pants but the underwear kind preferably in adult sizes but Kid size can work for a baby/child diaper)

Plastic pants (like the Ones From Gerber, preferably with cute prints)

5 inch velcro tape (1 side white and other side transparent)

Lace trim (for the leg gussets, the longer the better)


Sewing needle or machine

Maxi pads (preferably medical ones for that full diaper effect)

Hot Glue gun

1 cut the bloomers and plastic pants on the sides

2 sew the plastic pants and bloomers together but leaving the back side open for later and leaving the elastic on the front and back waist sticking out for comfort

3 sew the lace trim beside the gathers on the bloomers to make the Leg gussets

4 measure the velcro to the waist of the plastic pants and glue it to the waist of the plastic pants below where the waistband of the bloomers stick out

5 take 2 square pieces of velcro and sew it to the edge of the back waist band of the bloomers

6 take 2 pieces of velcro and sew/glue it in the back of the bloomers and plastic pants

7 insert a medical maxi pad in the back of the bloomers/plastic pants and move it around till it feels right

8 wear and use as intended
When need changing replace maxi pad with a fresh one after washing bloomer/plastic pant if messy as well

What do you guys think
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