I have a little girl!

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I'm not very vocal on here but this us monumental!
There is girl I have been in a relationship with for a while, she has a kinda stressful life. I'm one of the few people who care about her...
But the other night she was sick and was texting me. At one point I called her: "Little one", at which point she said she's not little. I told her she deserves the innocence, care, and attention a child deserves. She began welcoming the idea, clicked right into it. We Roleplayed some and she likes being little! She even calls me Daddy!

Now I myself never found the AB side all to appealing, but being a care taker is my cup of tea. Which is strange because I'm a submissive...

I'm very happy to have a little of my own! But I don't know much to do with my little girl. So what do you do with a little? Her little age is 5 and she's not a girly girl.
In fact she wanted to be a boy until she was about actually nine, so I'm treating her to some gender neutral stuff/ boy-ish stuff. I'm thinking maybe some MLP to watch and some new plushies. Anything else y'all can think of?
I think this is very awesome that this has happened for you, and of course the lovely girl you are tight with. But I offer absolutely no advise as this is something that I am still sorting out in my mind.......to be a "little"......to be a "mommy and/or daddy".....or a mixture of all......confusing, yes it is for me:dunno:

But most importantly, I am happy for you and her:thumbsup:
Thank you. Oh and have you considered being something of a switch?
You could play either part depending on your and your partners moods.
You could take her to the park, get some coloring books or have her drawn you a picture.

When I was nannying on of my favorite things to do with the little boy I watched was arts and crafts. We made paper snowmen, painted, drew pictures.
It is good that you have started a relationship.
Thank you.
I will take your advice Penny. We have a park up town that nobody ever goes to the one side, and she's a fairly artistic girl :) Oh and congratulations on your newfound "parenthood" as well.
Thanks :) hey If you want to make it a little more special, pack a picnic for the two of you! And don't forget to push her on the swings!!!!

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Also I wanted to add maybe you could suprise her with some gifts on park day. Head to a dollar store and pick up some crayons, coloring books, maybe some bubble bath if she's interested and a book for you to read to her at bedtime. Wrap it up and give it to her at the end of your park day :) shell love it!
Me and her have a day off this Saturday, I'm definitely making a checklist from your advice :D
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