I had an accident. Not the good type.


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Last night, I woke up and had to pee. I was more than half asleep. So, obviously, I let go in my diaper. It was a large volume. I lied flat and bent my knees up, as I like to soak the bottom and back first. Mmmmmm.

Welp, I wasn't wearing a diaper. Soaked the bed real good. I wear about once a week, due to cost and time. I was looking forward to enjoy a diaper, but ended up so exhausted I forgot.

Thankfully I had a lot of baking soda in the house. I keep baking soda to absorb messy diaper odor. A LOT of baking soda went to soaking up the bed. Works well.

Feeling dumb and frustrated. It's gonna take too much work and time to get rid of the pee odor (with vinegar and baking soda).

And a load of laundry. I had just done all the laundry in the afternoon, just a few hours before.

C'mon crew, tell me how dumb I am. Or tell me a similar story of yours.
I don’t really wet my bed but a couple of years ago I wet my bed while sleeping because in my dream I was standing in front of a toilet. This has happened a few times in my life then I feel the wetness and in my dream think why does that area feel wet and that’s when I usually wake up. But as I said this only happened a few times. Although one my favourite accident stories is from the show ‘The inbertweeners’ where the character will while revising for his exams has in order to stay awake consumed a lot of energy drinks and that combined with the stress give him a dodgy tummy and he poops himself in the exam hall and as the teacher leads him out he’s mummers ‘I thought it was a fart sir. I thought it was safe’ you can find the clip on YouTube.
I've been having continual bed wetting issues knocking on 20 years now...the part that cracks me up is that I CONTINUALLY believe I'm standing at the toilet, peeing when i fact I'm out like a light, lying in bed. Is this common for anyone else??

I did have a "bad" accident and one that wasn't planned in any way shape or form the other day. I sometimes (albeit rarely) will load my diapers and sleep in a "loaded Pamper" as it feels great. Well, I woke up sick as a dog, 104.5 fever, jackhammer chills, blinding (literally couldn't see shit) headache & my entire body was wracked with pain. I felt I had to go to the toilet so tried getting there. Now, on my best days It takes me time to get moving but on this day I had to detour to my coal stove to "hug" it (freezing/chills/shaking like a jack hammer) and when I finally made my way to the bathroom it just began coming, and I couldn't stop it. Talk about a mess, thankfully I need to wear diapers when asleep or this could had been the typical 10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag all over the stairs, floors etc. My already soaked diaper drooped to me knees (mandatory shower or else use a months' worth of wipes) and of course it completely clogged the toilet despite being super soft...just so much of it. To add to my misery half the contents of my diaper fell outside the fucking toilet! Toilet seat got it too. So I had to clean that up before showering otherwise risk my dog chowing down on it *(no frigging clue WHY dog's do this!!!! I love everything about dogs EXCEPT this!)....I couldn't get out of the steam shower without instantly beginning to jackhammer so had to call my neighbor (one of my best friends, fully aware of my issues) to bring me clothes, a diaper and take me to the VA where they treated everything except my indescribable headache that isn't a headache (or migraine) but literally causes ey eyes to go out of alignment (Diplopia), swell like Mike Tyson personally bare knuckle beat on my face for 6-8 hours etc and the pain is honestly indescribable using any words from any know language. Even being hospitalized @ Jefferson Headache ctr in Philly for over 40 days (29 days 1x, 7 another, 5 the last until insurance refused more time) can't remotely come up with a cause/solution or answer of any sort. When that bad, the end of my Super redHawk 9 3/8 .44 Magnum looks tastier and tastier....too bad no way I can take myself out without ridding the Earth of at least a half dozen assholes who will make me spin in my grave for eternity of they outlive me.

For those who get all up in arms about depraved jokes, don't take my last lines seriously. ?Yes, the rest are dead serious, but I have zero intention of shooting anyone or myself, never have.

I forgot to add the most painful part...I imagine a tiny muscular dude living inside of my skull, using my eyes as the floor of him squatting like 5-6 TONS (10-12000lbs!at the worst) as it literally feels as if someone or something is literally trying to drive my eyes out of their sockets from behind and has been the same exact issue since jan 18 2004 (began in Aug 1990 but was never constant until 2004) and I can accurately tell you my heartrate by counting the brutally painful pulses I feel in my eyes once my headache exceed a 7/10. Like I said, INDESCRIBABLE! I have severe spinal destruction from L2 through L5S1 and even at it's worst that can't compare to my "headache" at its' worst....not even close although that too is beyond description fucking BRUTAL!
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