I Got My NUK 5 Binky!

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I just felt like sharing this, seeing as though th other day I made a thread asking what is the best site to buy from. A fellow member Tyger suggested CosyNDry who are based in the UK where I live.

I got it in the post today and already really enjoy it, more than the toddler ones I have.

If you are contemplating on whether or not to buy one then I suggest you do, much more comfortable and many sites make really cute designs.
Pics please! Show it off man!
Cool. Glad you love it. Did you get a solid white paci, or one of the modded ones that have different colored guards & rings. While I like that the solid white guard is larger than the toddler guards, I prefer the ones that have been modded. I like the colors. I've got an Orange guard / yellow ring one & a blue guard / green ring one.
Cool! I got my first one about a year ago. It took a while to get use to but now if I'm layin in bed I fall asleep almost instantly when I put it in my mouth. My current one is a plain white one from cuddlz
I have a NUK 5 Binky I have had it for some time now and I do love it, but I find it a bit to wide it hit my teeth on my upper jaw and make my teeth a bit sore I think next time I'm going to get one size smaller. I have a small head.
I cant believe the make a NUK 6 now
Congrats! They really are fun to have. Glad to hear that Cozy n' dry worked out for you, I haven't ordered from them before, but I like their selection.
Here is a picture for the people asking image.jpg
i wanted to get a new paci trying to find good ones that are cheap because paci's r us is expensive
DBBaby said:
I cant believe the make a NUK 6 now

Unless I'm mistaken, Nuk doesn't officially make a size 6. Their size 5 is the largest. Pacifiers R Us, has made a size 6 & size 7 nipple, in the style of the Nuk nipple. Since it's in the same style they call them the Nuk 6 & Nuk 7, but they aren't official Nuk products.

You might not want to go with a size 4. I've got one, & the end of the nipple is the same size. The only difference is the stem length (from the guard to the teat). It'll make your teeth more sore, since it won't fit in the roof of your mouth.

You might want to consider a silicone Nuk nipple from Pacifers R Us. The end of the teat is smaller than the latex ones. But the silicone ones are also longer.

Forgive me if you understood / knew this already. I couldn't tell from your post. I'm also a bit loopy from my medication I'm on.
babysnow said:
i wanted to get a new paci trying to find good ones that are cheap because paci's r us is expensive

If you're from the UK then CosyNDry are good, they're like £20, American companies charge like $30-$50
I love it. Sooo jealous
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