I Got a Onesies Down Under Onesie!


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I won a twitter contest from ab_catlin! You may have heard of her. She was giving away 3 gift card codes from Onesies Down Under and I won one of them! 😊 So I got me this Onesie that is perfect for a Gamer like me! It's called Level Up and it's full of Nostalgia! Mostly Nintendo and a little bit of Mario, but also Pac-Man, and Space Invaders. I wish it had something from Sonic but it doesn't sadly. Either way it's gonna make for some fun ABDL Gaming! I love it! So, ADISC Community have you bought Onesies from Onesies Down Under? Let me know in the comments down below and as always...stay Diapered!🧷:)
-ABDElsa ❄️🍼

This Baby is ready for some ABDL Gaming! I'm a hardcore gamer!

(Also with a Diaper I don't have to leave Livestreams to go potty! 😊)
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That looks really good!
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LucasFromTazmily said:
That looks really good!
Thanks I thought so too.
Review and try-on on my ABDL YouTube channel here.