I finally have a Collar Tag.

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Yes, I finally do, I bought it just yesterday, oddly enough it's a bone shape, and It has my name and phone number on it, but I guess, it's enough for now, I also got a necklace chain as a makeshift collar for now, anyway Its at home, right now, and I want to know what you think.
Sounds like a great start. I got some of mine through "The Kitty Works" I do not know if they are still going, but those that I bought are paw shaped and of various bright colours. I ONLY wear those indoors or at a con. I started to wear a 2 inch wide, studded dog collar at the approx age of 10.
I have name tags on most of my collars which i wear all the time, i only take it off to put another one on!
I really like them because it makes a little jingle sound whenever i move :smile1:
I've never considered getting a collar until you guys started talking about them on the forum. Now I'm thinking about it... might be a unique accessory, but people also might think I'm into petplay..
I think I want Dog Tags with my name. But I'd like a collar badge too. :)
i gots a collar hehe. an i have a tag too.
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