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I Finally Feel Little


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Hi everyone!

This is gonna be kind of an appreciation post for my mommy, but also talking a bit about my journey as an ABDL baby.

So, I have been a DL for a long time (I'm 24 and think I started this when I was probably 16-17ish), curious about diapers and what they felt like and how it would feel to use and wear one (you know, as you do. But I always had to sneak around with it. I lived with my parents until I was 23, so it was very difficult for me to express and explore that side of me outside of my room when no one else was home or changing into one at a gas station and wearing it around one town over from me. But this year everything changed.

3 Years ago I met the love of my life, a little while after realizing I was an age regressor as well as a DL. She was kind, loving, caring, wanting nothing but the best for me and I instantly fell in love. She is the most motherly person you could think of and to my surprise she liked me back. We were long distance for a while and she even told me she had been in an ABDL relationship before.

We experimented and talked every single day and one day, finally she moved here!

It's been 6 months now since we got married and she has been the most amazing mommy a baby boy could ask for! She is so loving in little space, taking amazing care of me when I involuntarily regress, she breastfeeds, normal feeds me, changes my diapers, cooks, and just does everything a little could want.

Skip forwards a little to yesterday and I couldnt believe it. I got a package in the mail from lil Kink Boutique with my order of 6 different outfits. Ive only had one for the longest time and I couldnt usually wear it because Id lose it in the laundry. But now I finally have it. A drawer full of diapers, and a wardrobe of little clothes. When I tell you I cried, I just was so happy. Mommy has been so amazing to me and I just cant believe I get to live like this.

Her and I have been through a lot of struggles, but I just love her and appreciate her so much.

So, if you're looking for a mommy, or a daddy. Don't stop. Stick to what you want and when you find that special someone, it'll be worth the wait. 💙☺️💙
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Welcome, @littlelapofluxury, and happy New Year! Thanks for a nice intro. Stories of acceptance like this are so heartwarming. I'm really happy for you. Give our collective best regards to your mommy-wife for her awesomeness.

I hope you find the site fun and helpful, and look forward to hearing more from you in the forums. :)
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Hello and welcome.
Welcome and enjoy
You’re a lucky guy 😊
Hello and welcome! 😊
This is a lovely post, hello and welcome!