I Finally Bought My First Nappies

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So, yeah. I finally did it, I bought my first real nappies today. I just walked into Boots, picked out a package (Depend Absorbent Underwear For Men - Super S/M, to be precise). I kept them in my messenger bag the whole day at college. I'm wearing my first one right now - wet ;) - and it feels amazing! I'm gonna go back next week and get another package:D SO HAPPY!
Lucky you :3 I haven't been there myself yet, but I'll be moving out soon, so hopefully won't be long before I get around to getting some as well. ^^
Glad you're enjoying it.
Thanks SnowballFox, I'm actually still living with my parents (I even wore the nappy around them, while wet!) It's worth the wait, trust me.
Nicely done! Have to get some thicker ones for next time :p
Exhilarating experience for sure!

There are much better diapers available online.
Thanks Chris1987, I think I'll head back in on Monday and see if I can get some thicker ones. These are pretty good and were REALLY cheap (£5.70 for a pack of 10). But I think I spotted some night-time protection ones as well, if there are none of those I'll just get the Tena Pants Plus/Maxi.
good plan, hope you enjoy your nappies tonight!
Thanks LittleICme, I considered that but it's WAY more expensive and riskier. I might do that at some point but only once in a blue moon.
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