I final found the perfect diaper

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Here what insurance pay for and they work perfect and had not leaks with this brand and I like fact there taps are like a baby diapers and same features one has.
Here the specs
Enjoy discreet protection with these Medline FitRight stretch disposable briefs. Featuring stretchy sides, these adult briefs fit securely like undergarments for a comfortable feel. These briefs are highly absorbent and have anti-leak guards to reduce leakage, offering peace of mind. The adhesive side strips give you the perfect fit and make removal easy and mess-free.

Sides stretch providing a comfortable fit
4D-Core with odor protection wicks fluid away quickly to promote dryness and helps maintain skin integrity, while soft anti-leak guards reduce leakage and improve containment
Active hip-protect side panels were designed to help protect skin from excess friction and pressure
Moisture alert wetness indicator changes color when garment has been soiled

Here link for them.


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I'm wearing a Fitright Restore (the next absorbency level up) and I think this brand is the best value for the money, at least for those who cannot regularly afford the super premium brands.. The Ultra would be my number two choice. They both have a broad range of sizes, wonderful 'velcro' tapes, and more than decent capacity.
I get mine from Medicaid and this brand I'm allowed and some cheap back plastic one leaks but like this better then other cloth one I try. I have no leak with this brand and feel like I have more protecting with this over all other tried.
Every time I've tried Medline, it seemed like the liquid could be squeezed out like a sponge. Are the top tier products better in this regard?
Yes that lock away wetness and it not like having sponge on your bottom with this as most cloth back I tried. That go nice confortable fit to them as products say it does.
FitRight was the first diaper I ever tried. Think it was the Super one.
These are actually one of my favorites. They feel pretty thin, but they hold quite a bit and they actually have leak guards. They are also pretty common to find in thrift stores/on Craigslist. As far as I am concerned, they are the ideal light-med capacity diaper and quite discreet.
Actually fit right is MEDLINE evolution, one of my first diapers was the diaper that fit right replaces called "Remedy" . These had there Restore Remedy cream built into the liner ( it is a non petroleum rash / barrier cream containing certain amino acids that are building blocks for healthy skin.

They where great diapers even though they where cloth backed, I still have several cases of them in inventory, I generally where them to my colon rectal appointments because they are velcro and come on and off super easily. Enjoy them they are a good light diaper.

( I still continue to use Remedy products for personal cleaning and rash protection and prevention,they can be had at alot of brick and mortar pharmacies and Amazon)
I like the fit more natural paired other without the extra material at bottom.
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