I feel like I need to find a girlfriend (I need someone to love) Advice needed


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I've finally exited the worst of the grieving over the death of my girlfriend who was a fellow little, the problem is I have this odd problem where I need to have someone to love in order to completely love myself. I've had it rough lately. As some of you know, a former friend who was stalking me was committed to the hospital after she attacked me, and was recently declared insane by the court. I've also just found out I'll never be fully able to hold a job because of my limitations. With all my emotional baggage, what girl in her right mind date me? I have little income. I live at home. I don't drive. I just need someone to love. I want a fulfilling relationship. I was also recently shot down by a love interest who recently found out she was lesbian (I am happy she found a partner). What should I do. I'm in a true rut. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I don't know that I truly have any advice to offer other than DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! I know you're currently in a rough place, and can't even imagine how you're feeling, but you WILL find your someone. I have seen enough examples of people who are very severely disabled in a variety of ways who find their partner and life-love that I genuinely believe everyone can find theirs, though some people undeniably have an extremely tough time in the process.

Don't ever give up on yourself, or on your belief that the right person for you IS out there, and you WILL find them one day! And until that times comes, remember that there are always people who care for you and will offer whatever support, they can to help you through rough times.