I entered one of the best mindsets ever today

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Hi *looks down shyly*
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So I had just recived my diaper cover and lionking onesie. I put on a fresh diaper locked my self in a diaper cover and put on my onesie. I sat down at my computer put on my headphones put on some worship music and started coding. This is by far the best way to explain my little mode. I see my self as a older little. I just sat there and relaxed and have no worries in the world. This is the most relaxed I had been. This is by far the first time I have sat down and had no worries about anything. I guess when you lock your self in a diaper and lock the key up for 5 hours it just threw me into a mind set of everything is alright you will be ok little boy. I just wanted to share my experiance of which I am currently in while I am writing this!

I am sure I will make a post after I leave my little space. :(

PS this is the first time I have experianced anything in this nature.
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