I declare....


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I declare tomorrow as a NO TOILET friday! under no circumstances can you use the toilet ALL potty MUST be done in your diaper! You dont like pooping in yur diaper, too bad do it anyway!!! I know it's going to be a very wet and messy day tomorrow! who is with me!!!!
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sames as the other days ending in days
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I might just take you up on that! I am planning to work from home tomorrow so spending the day diapered is a dang good possibility!
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I do this on saturdays and sundays
NO Issues about that with this girl !!
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Due to no work I've been off since Wednesday and I've been diapered since. I wet and mess my diaper without hesitation then change into a fresh diaper.
This routine usually takes place Friday afternoon till Monday morning when I go to work for my regular hours. This week is a diaper bonus week. I'm thoroughly enjoying this especially rare occasion.
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Yep it was achieved.... Didn't use the toilet today at all. Was only undiapered a bit after my shower but other than that been padded all day. About time for a change though.
I do this on Sundays if I don't have work.