I Can't Believe it's Not a Diaper! Got Some DiaperU Briefs/Panties!


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Something came up in my Etsy recommendations that looked very interesting. They are basically standard Briefs/Panties printed to look like a Diaper! It looks like a Diaper but it it isn't a Diaper! These are perfect for when you wanna be more discreet. I can wear these to work! I got the blue ones that say "I'm Baby" on the butt, to remind me that all I am is just a Big Baby!😊 They also come in pink, and panties for girls. Mine are the Boy Briefs. You can also get a lion, a bear, lots of other fun stuff from them. They're called DiaperU and they're in Hong Kong, but delivered very fast. You can check out their website here.
Or their Etsy here.
I would highly recommend these to all my fellow ABDLs! I got the biggest size a 5XL. I'm a 50" waist and they fit me fine, so they should fit you too! If you wanna know more, you can watch my video for them on my ABDL YouTube channel here.
So, ADISC Community what do you think of these? Are you gonna get some? Let me know in the comments below and as always...stay Diapered!🧷😊
-ABDElsa ❄️🍼

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i bought a DiaperU Astronaut Onesie a few weeks ago and i love it, technically i bought the astronaut one in 2 differ sizes just in case one is too big or one is too small and i wear the XXL one all day long except when i leave home, i just love it! and it came so quickly too the estimated time was june 16- july 3 but it came on june 12 i thought since its coming from china that it was gonna take like a month but it only took 12 days i don't have a camera so i can't take any photos
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