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I talked about buying these diapers a while ago, and I finally bit the bullet the other day. Turns out they're pretty good! I did an absorbency test and it didn't leak majorly until 900 mL (it had a couple small leaks on the knit sides but I think that's just because of how I was pouring the water). It swells so much... It's amazing! That can be a discretion issue but otherwise it's great. It also has a cute flower design and a flowery scent (I can only smell it when I hold it up to my nose though). Really the only bad things are the somewhat short padding and the granny panty style. I definitely recommend it.
Cool! Glad you enjoyed 'em. The rise of the padding in front was right at the edge of disaster for me, but I did like the print and the scent. As for discreetness, well... any diaper is going to swell in proportion to the volume of liquid you pour into it. Not really the diaper's fault if somebody notices a gallon of urine in your pants. :) Although I guess the name "Always Discreet" sort of begs for contradiction.
It is a brand name, just like a Subway "Foot long" is not actually a foot long. . . .sigh, feel so cheated.
Always? Those aren't diaper. Those are maxi pads.
CrinklesTheBunny said:
Always? Those aren't diaper. Those are maxi pads.
They've recently come out with an apparently decent line of pull-ups.
CrinklesTheBunny said:
Always? Those aren't diaper. Those are maxi pads.

Always now makes diapers also.
Pull-up? To me pull ups aren't really diaper. They're more like underwear.
The Always Discreet are a pull up designed for a woman's urinary problems, not for their time of the month problems. I am male, I use them instead of the depends line. They hold about the same as depends and also have internal stand up leak guards. Personally, I think they are better than the depends pull ups, whether for male or female. Two or three decent wettings seem to be the limit, at least for me, which makes them a perfect out and about pull up if I I leave the house with an empty bladder.
I bought a pack of them the other day to try them out. So far I've worn a couple of them. They are thin and
discreet. I found they held my three to four wettings with no leaks. For me they'll make a good option over
IC pads inside my panties for Dr. visits. I found the scent not to be to bad.
I like their underwear too, and I'm surprised how high the padding comes up in the front. That HAD to have been a conscious move on their part, to make them usable for guys. I can't imagine why women would need protection there, other than wicking.

I'm wearing one of their long pads as a booster inside a Tena Super Stretch now, and find they work really well. Finally, P&G is back in the incontinence game. Just in time, too, since all the Boomers are getting ready to need a little absorbency help. :)

they are definitely diapers...try to flood a large one and most people wont leak..they are good for the women folk imo..i like the wife in the large size for a few reasons(i like the double leg gatherer and the frilly stuff when you fold the top part back a bit..)..i wish they smelled a little different(kinda smells like soap) but they are good enough for most people and can be found at just about every store..

my wife needs the padding up front i dont really understand it but that where it all goes when she pees in everydiaper..other girls might be the same too idk
Not diapers. Pull ups are just nothing more absorbent underwear to me. I don't feel babyish at all when I put on depends or some of those other brands that are just nothing more than granny panties. To me, a real diaper is one you have to tape up. I started out wearing those kinds, but when I found tape up diapers I never looked back. I also hate the cloth back tape up diapers. If it don't crinkle, I'm not wearing it.
CrinklesTheBunny said:
Always? Those aren't diaper. Those are maxi pads.

They have just come out with a nice looking product line. In fact I now have a coupon for them and shall give them a try out. For the moment though I am most happy with the depends line, both the lady style and the new gent series.
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