I bord right now.

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Hi everyone.

I probably doing this because I bord right now.

Sometimes I sleep though the night and awack in the morning in a wet diaper and everything ok with the world. A specially if my pasfier has stayed in my mouth.

But sometimes I wack up needing to use my Diaper. Then I can not get back to sleep. Like to night it is now 4.30am and I have been a wack for about a hour which is like forever for me.

I have change myself but I not allowed to make any noise as it will awack Daddy up. Then I will be in trouble.

So I have to liy hear being quite and try to go back to sleep.

But my ADHD mind is on over drive and I thinking all sorts of things. I need to get up and do something like painting. Or go to the park and play.

What is an Little AB boy to do?

I am so bord right now I got 4 hole hours to go befor it time to get up.

It Tuesdays today wich means I get to go swimming. And go splash. Heee, heee.

What fun thing are you going to do to day.

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