I believe my dad found my pacifier

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Quick thing before this thread goes further in-depth, I don't really know where to put this but my mind believes it should be here.

Okay, so I'm practically new here and I'm not a big fan of making a fuss but I don't really know about this.

When I was at home my dad was out for the day working on building his shop, and when he got back he came into my room and asked me to do a promo video. When I finished, and he came and sat down on my bed to view it, the dummy (pacifier for the US citizens, not sure if this is worldwide or a UK / US forum) was in plain sight and I didn't notice until I left. I have a feeling he might've seen it. If it comes to a position where he asks about it, what should I say?

I've told my ABDL ness to my girlfriend and she is happy with it, but I don't think I can say anything about my true self to my dad... MY DAD.

Thank you for listening
Well, the best excuse you can come up with is that you have issues with teeth grinding in sleep, and that you've read online sleeping with a paci in mouth helps.

That basically what NUK Teat Trainer (also known as NUK 5, or NUK for adults) webpage says: https://www.nuk.de/de_en/about-nuk/nuk-medical.html
Just tell him that you like dummies and like to suck them in private because they comfort you and make it easier for you to sleep. Act like it's not a big deal or he will think it is. Dummies don't cause harm and are not as controversial as nappies are. If he found your nappy, I would panic though. If so I would just tell the truth rather than lying or not giving an answer. If you say you are incontient when you are not then you would be taken to a mental ward or taken to the doctor who painful tests on your privates to rule out incontience. Your dad finding your dummy is no big deal really, chances are slim that he actually found it, a bottle is a lot bigger however!
Alright. Thank you all for your quick responses!

I don't personally use nappies, even though when I have a little bit more confidence in myself I will do so. Even though I've had a weird thing for nappies since I was in early admissions if I can remember, I still haven't got much confidence around it. Ah well.

My girlfriend completely supports it, which helps me a decent amount. She is usually also willing to come shopping with me, which is always comforting ^.^

But either way if he is to ask about it, I'll go with the relaxation, as I'm not really good at lies and that is practically true, it does help me relax and does help me get to sleep more then often. I'm pretty sure he won't beable to find my bottle though, as that's locked up in my safe along with my Glock 17 Airsoft ^^

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Also what I meant as being in plain sight as it was literally right next to my keyboard, so I think the chances are a little higher that he atleast got a glimpse of it.
First of all, act casual. The more nervous you get the more suspicious it seems.

Do not bring it up unless he does first. Chances are he didn't even see it as he was probably staring at your computer screen the whole time and no where else.

If he does for some reason bring it up, casually say it's for teeth grinding at night, like Lavender mentioned, or you could say you simply enjoy chewing on it like gum. If he asks why not just chew gum you could say because I don't always have gum around, and this will always be around.

My friends found my pacifier once and I used the chewing excuse. They didn't even question it and never brought it up again (Phew!)
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