I am on a venture, advice would be appreciated!

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I am a passionate person, and I have been really wanting to start posting. I have been holding back because I was no sure if I wanted to dive into the play ball pit. I do frequent the forums, and I am quite well aware of the rules, and how people are on the forums. Let's just say I know many of you, and you may not know me yet. :smile1:

Without further ado, I want to show you what my current project is. I am a 3D Modeler, and lately I have felt the need to express my AB feelings by making a crib to adult scale. I do not have access to a traditional drop side crib. So I do not know if I am constructing it faith fully in 3D.:detective3 The color are stand ins, and the pictures are not indicative of a final product. Some parts may not be made yet. I do not take requests, and I mean well when I ask for help with this. Thank you!

My areas concern is the mechanism for the drop gate, and the steel bed railing. How things are attached, etc. :dunno:

1. How does it catch once it is brought up to click in place? What does that piece look like?

2. The steel bed railing, how is it attached to the 4 crib post? Does it look much different from a regular steel bed rail minus the legs? (where the plywood goes into for the mattress support)

3. Any comments, questions are welcome, and constructive critique as well. :thumbsup:

Crib With No Mattress
https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4pcgsvxa2vxjbm/Crib No Bed.jpg?dl=0

Drop Gate Bottom Bracket
https://www.dropbox.com/s/iai0vupenjllshj/Dropgate Bracket.jpg?dl=0

Top Of Drop Gate Pole
https://www.dropbox.com/s/otakqbec5rpbu3p/Screw with Washer.jpg?dl=0

Crib As It Is Now
Overall looks good.
A comment on the Bottom Bracket: You need to consider the weight of the side drop gate. With your current bracket you are exerting force pulling the top screw out. I would suggest a bracket that looks like two of yours mounted together with one going up and one going down so that you are using four screws to mount the bracket. I hope that makes sense. Wish I had the software to make a drawing for you.
also, that type of side drop gates are illegal for baby cribs.
(hate that i'm referencing '1000 ways to die' for their abdl episode...but i did learn something)

wouldn't want that side falling down on your head/limbs.
SleepyTyrant said:
also, that type of side drop gates are illegal for baby cribs.
(hate that i'm referencing '1000 ways to die' for their abdl episode...but i did learn something)

wouldn't want that side falling down on your head/limbs.

Yes they are quite illegal for baby cribs, and that is why I am having a hard time locating this type so I can make a digital representation of one. :D

I have an update on the bottom bracket. I took consideration with what ORBaby said. So I whipped this bracket design up. As per usual, comments, questions, suggestions, and constructive critique is welcome. Thank You!

Drop Gate Bottom Double Bracket
https://www.dropbox.com/s/2jh5tvaejrtsb6s/Drop Gate Double Bottom Bracket.jpg?dl=0

[Update] I see there has been quite a few views, but only a couple posts. It maybe just my anxiety getting the best of me, but I get the impression that this just does not have enough appeal to warrant a wider response.
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Two things - it has only been a couple of hours. Since ABDISC takes people from all over the globe and people have different schedules, I would wait at least 24 hours before saying this thread has no appeal.

Second, your asking for technical information. Many people here do not have that type of knowledge that would help you or (like me) also do not have access to a baby's crib.

I like what you are doing and I am interested in how it turns out, but alas, I do not have the answers to your questions.
The way I have seen a drop side done is to route a channel into the post and then use a wooden or metal dowel to slide up and down in that channel. To latch it you would make the routed channel come up and over. Think of an upside down J. So you would lift up and push inward at the top and then let it down a bit and it latches
Also the size of the crib rails in order to project that "I'm in a crib" feeling need to be tall. The taller the rails, the taller the overall crib must be, thus you may need a step stool to get in the crib. Another trick you may be able to do, which just came to me in a dream..... Along the lines of the routed out channel is to halfway through the rail install either a piano hinge or cut the wood so it swings out. You could put the top pins that ride in the channel as spring loaded... This way you could raise and lower the side, keep overall height lower because you would lower the side and then unlatch the top half of the rail to swing down. Heck if you did the spring loaded pins on the bottom of the bottom section, then the top of the bottom section and the top of the top section, you would then be able to take the crib side totally off and it becomes a day bed...
The latch you are looking for is basically a quarter inch rod running the length of the crib, attached to the bottom of the slider by steel loops, allowing it to rotate. In the center it bends 90 deg, out 3 inches, back 90 deg parallel, about a foot, in 90 deg 3 inches and 90 deg parallel again to follow along the slider. This makes a handle that you can pull to turn the rod.
At the ends, it makes a 90 bend for only about an inch, then back parallel again. When the rod is turned, these ends rotate off center. You put a bracket on the vertical post for the ends to loop over, and when the rod turns, they release and let the side come down. You might want to add springs to the bottom of your vertical rods to soften the bottom strike. Also could add springs to the rotating rod to prevent accidental release.
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