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So, I went into the ER with a friend, as I'd fallen into a nap and woken up freaking out from pain during the time I was asleep, realizing that there was nothing remotely acceptable about this situation — pain that breaks through a smoke, an edible, tramadol, voltaren, ibuprofen, AND baclofen.

If this entry gets nonsensical, highlight the places you need me to explain, because I am currently post-smoke, an edible, tramadol, voltaren, ibuprofen, trazodone, venlafaxine, prazosin that's fresh on an increase AND baclofen. I am once again PRODIGIOUSLY high.

We Still haven't got an answer to the bladder spasms, pre- and post-urinary pain, bladder pain, and all that.

What we do got is an adrenal adenoma.

I'm too high to explain too far, but basically there's a tumor (nature unknown) on my left kidney. It may by spitting hormones it shouldn't be. This would cause kidney pain, headache, fatigue, sudden onset hyperhidrosis, even my diabetic symptoms.

That wasn't the hard part of the day though.

I had to explain this entire misadventure to my friend (my best girlfriend to be specific). So this trip to the hospital began with my explaining why I needed a urogynecologist specifically rather than an OBGYN.

On paper, I have eloquent advice and stories and tips. If I'm explaining MYSELF it's more

my dumb ass said:
He's more worried about
Let's just say overnight trips spook me

I am directly quoting myself there. 😅

I also pulled an "oh shit did I just say that" right after complete with terrified dumbass eyes.

(We're fine, it was suspected about why I don't overnight.)

When she and the doctor heard the full explanation, it was agreed —

We're firing that guy.

I gotta crash. I'm too high to be awake!