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I have hung around the site for a while and actually signed up a year ago. It has been brought to my attention, though, that I have not signed in for quite a while. I have also not posted an introduction.

So... I am a high School student and I work at a BK... for now. I really want to be a journalist and I NEED to get on the School Newspaper. Or maybe I want to be a director or just a plain-old author. Who knows? My friends and I started a Film Club at school and I have already typed several scripts and have about a billion ideas. I have time to figure it all out.

But life is stressful and sometimes I need to relax. Diapers and age regression put me in that happy, carefree sort of mood I miss. Oh, stress! What ever did I do to deserve you?

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Actually, I guess I joined 3 years ago.

Honestly, I have only visited the site recently, though.
I also just remembered, today, that I had an account here.


Hey Allie Cat666. Love that you joined the site and nice intro by the way. If you've been apart of the site for awhile then you probably know everythingim about to say If you're for more than one reason. There's a forum for writers ya know. Then there's also...well... the entire site for everything else including (of course) the diapers and things. Anyways. I usually like to talk to most of the new members so
shoot me a friend request if ya want. Again. Welcome to the site
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