I almost assaulted a customer today.

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Buried in that long post is the one sentence that destroys your argument. Sometimes this is easy, most of the time it is not. Our justice system is very fragile, and subject to outside influence. Intimidating witnesses, unqualified witnesses, overzealous prosecution, crooked cops. It is very scary, the number of convictions that get overturned in this country.

I, personally, value human life much more than trying to save a couple of bucks in the prison system.

Not to mention, the death penalty isn't an effective deterrent, and the only other countries IN THE WORLD that use it are typically considered our "moral enemies". The ONLY countries that executed prisoners last year were (in order of number of executions)...

Document - Death sentences and executions in 2007 | Amnesty International

...with the US and Japan being the only modern industrial nations on the list. (And Japan had 9 executions vs. our 42, and did not sentence another person to). Are those countries havens of freedom and lack of fear from violent crime?
Good point Tungsten,
There are legitimate arguments for both ways of punishment, and I guess it's just up to the country's judicial system as to how they handle it. I only suggested that as an alternative to what we have now. I don't claim to know all the fact, I merely threw the idea out there for debate. And there have been some compelling arguments against it. No problem. It was only a thought. But I appreciate all the comments on it, even if it did get a little heated for a while. Thanks to all who replied here. My compliments to you for voicing your opinions.
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