hypnosis while sleeping

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I been readying a lot about hypnosis while sleeping and it very interesting how many believe it can work over time. The reason it could work is because even those we are sleeping we can still hear world around use. Even while in deep sleepy are brain still procession stuff and never fully slow down.

So maybe people that want learn something like wetting in diaper without know by hypnosis files you maybe might want to try it while sleeping.
I don't really think learning how to bedwet via hypnosis tapes is a good idea, but I digress.

I'm pretty sure the length of the tape, if you were to hear it all night, would require looping several times, which means it will get repetitive over time.
Doesn't the brain shut out repetitive noises while asleep? Unless it's a sudden noise like an alarm clock, the brain 'gets used to it' over time and stops listening to it so the body can rest. This is usually why you don't hear snoring in your sleep.
Just my two cents.
That another thing you could be right about brain getting use to the noise and not listing but with the brain it hard to tell sine we only know so much about it. This just new research that being done to see if you can learning while you sleeping like over time. But if it is possible to learning while you sleeping maybe same goes for hypnosis to.
I thought that hypnosis work by putting you in comfortable stage that is a trance state that is a step before asleep or unconscious and have has some level of awareness.
It does work by putting you in relaxing place for planting thought in your subconscious mind to stop like smoking or something as many try. But if your mind to busy like on over drive during the time your being hypnotized it sometime will not take. But if your sleepy your mind is so relaxed at point someone could tell you anything would out you being aware of other things.
That might work if you can reach the dream sector or the brain, then probably you can influence the learning aspect of the brain.
Because dreams can change our perspective like fear, joy, and inspiration.
But not sure if it has to make an emotional contact to take effect.
Of course this is all theory.
Well I ready stories of people in deep sleepy dreaming of there baby crying and in all actual reality the baby was. Same with another dreaming there house was being broking into and wakening to find it was. So the brain does listing to the outside world then most think. Also try going bed listing to favorite CD of music and see what song stuck in your head the next morning.

I have listing to music all night before and one song out of all of them was stuck in my head all day. it was not even the one I was listing to while I was falling sleepy it was like 5 track in to the list.
I think sleeping with hypnosis works even better than listening as awake. Cause hypnosis needs to put you in relax situation to work and when we sleep we're completely relaxed so I think they can work
I do think it can work. I try before but I give it up in a day or show thinking it easier to just we the diaper be for going to sleep.
I think if you do it while asleep you will have an extra layer to surpassed (target the emotions) or put slight different noises to not wakeup to go back up a trance state so you dont have to worry about targeting the emotions.

Caution hypnosis is not a toy (So do more research and ask an expert).
There a lot of good books out there.

It can breaks the rules (Rule 6 - no self-harm)
Depending how and why you use it.
Like a hammer, it can be useful or hurtful.

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I just use some of it step just to put me to sleep when I cant.
How it self-harm ether it work or not so were the harm at with people trying it to get to there goal in life.
I just think reversal and that the brain is prone to key words to make it affective.
Other than that hypnosis is not control or brainwashing it has to be voluntary.
But causion should be exercised when memories are retrieved because false memories can be created.
Some other potential side effects are headache, dizziness, and anxiety. However, these usually fade shortly after the hypnotherapy session.
I said that because it has be warned in the books I read on the topic.
Like if someone want start wetting the bed again it not really something creating false memories in all honesty it just removing some memories you learned in the past.
Sure I just expressing caution as the books do.
The bad thing is your start wetting bed again so diaper up.:smile1:
I got a question? I can understand the feeling of wetting the bed. But if you think further you will not get pleasure because you mist it. Right or no?
More ABDL it not about pleasure but life style instead and some fined waking up wet in your bed as just like baby natural paired to old way not.
Ok. makes seance, thanks.

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Poohbearboy that was interesting.
Let me know how it works out.
I have never done any serious messing around with hypnosis but I am pretty sure most of the files require you to be awake for them to work. Sometimes the hypnotist includes a seperate file to be played while you sleep but that is a supliment to the main one.
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