Hypnosis in a foreign language

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What this thread should NOT be about:
AB/DL / wetting hypnosis
General discussion if hypnosis suggestions work at all

My question goes out directly to people who believe, experienced themselves that hypnotic suggestions work or know enough/practise it in a professional manner.

I'm really curious to know if hypnotic suggestions work if it is done in a language that is not the subjects native language.
Take me as an example. My native language (as stated in my introduction thread) is German, though I have no problems at all following an English conversation, get the meaning of English songs or watch movies in English.
My written English might not be perfect but I'm perfectly confident in my listening abilities, except for the occasional missing vocabulary that I always look up in a dictionary if I missed a meaning somewhere. Most of the time though, context is enough to get their meanings, which is a great help.

I consider myself kind of receptible to hypnotic suggestions.
I also tried various relaxiation tapes in English, that I can perfectly follow and they DO relax me the same way any German tape would.

Now here's the question again: If these tapes would contain suggestions, would they work for me (or anyone else in my situation)?

I'm explicitly NOT talking about a foreign language that you don't know but one that you (kind of) speak.
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