Hypnosis and my experiance with diapers

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So recently I was curious about hypnosis. I was always thinking sense I have adhd it makes it hard for me to concentrate. How ever I figured I would give it a shot see what's up with it. Anyways I don't remember the first video on youtube I tried but I went under pretty deep and really enjoyed the feeling. Of course out of curiosity I tried hands free orgasm as the second video... It proved to me that I was actually taking their suggestions. Oh boy was that a interesting ride haha.

Well I watched about 4 more videos that night effecting me. Then I decided to try some wetting video. How ever i was not super keen on what he was suggesting and ended up not going through but stayed under because I love the feeling.

Anyways I saw a video from the guy earlier a day or 2 later teaching you self hypnosis sense basically all hypnosis is self hypnosis. I figured lets do it. Well today I decided lets give it a try and I want to suggest something to my self and see if it works. I should note u practiced putting my self u see 4 or 5 times for a short duration Of time.

So I decided lets do this. Now it wasn't 100 prevent success but I enjoyed the out come. Basically wanted to get my self to wet a diaper with out control of stopping it. To be fair I tried to start wetting with out control and got a few drops but nothing all that great and decided to step it up a notch ha ha. Once I started peeing fully still asleep I basically told my self it feels good to let it flow and you do not want to stop it and can't stop it. I should mention I was laying down and I always fear leaking when laying down and peeing.

I did not leak and got a full release for once. Now to keep my mind out of changing and wanting to fiddle with the diaper like feeling it haha. I told my self when ever you go to touch your diaper you will be shocked if you put your hand in your diaper you will be shocked. If you sit down and squish your diaper there will be no pleasure as it is just under wear and feel like underwear. When you look down all you will see is underwear. Do far I have basically 0 intrest in my diaper. To be fair it makes have more of a baby fell because babies normally don't fiddle with their diapers haha. Its just underwear nothing special

As to people who have not been successful with hypnosis. I did research and learned that all of us can be hypnotized it just comes down to you clearing your mind and relaxing. As well as telling your self you can even if you have failed before. I learned the more I have done it the deeper I go and the more open to suggestions I am and the easier it is to do. Also I would suggest ultrahypnosis on YouTube they do not add anything malicious in their videos.

Also a side note stay open minded and just silence your mind and listen to what the person has to say. You will be fully aware of what is going on and what is being said. You will not just magically forget unless you decide to. Also make sure you are rather awake when doing this as you can fall asleep if not careful. To be fair when I am tired I can not relax into a hypnosis state of mind so I usually do it in the morning haha.

You do not become a mindless zombie unless you decide to haha. Just remember you are still fully aware of what's going on how ever your subconscious is in charge and your conscious takes a back seat.

Lastly funny fact. Kids are 75% in a hypnosis state of mind. Which is why they have such a care free view on life... So hypnosis and regressing seem like a great combo. Although haven't tried it yet
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