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hullo :3

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Hi all! I'm new to the community and new to being a DL so all help is welcome.
Hello Foxydl! Welcome aboard! This is the place to find out all about the dl "hobby"! :) Do you have any questions? What is your fav diaper? What do you like to do in your non-dl time?
Quick question, prolly answered before, but what's the word on using old diapers? Not soiled mind you, but just preworn.

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I've only worn 2 diapers so far. The first was a cheap bust but the second is really nice. Currently wearing it. Just woke up. :) it's so comfy. It's the comfycare m10. It fits so nicely! 😄

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In non-DL time, I'm an avid anime fan,big time gamer and I like gunpla models. Pretty much an overgrown 12 year old. Teehee.
Lots of gamers here. You're in good company. I haven't worn the comfycare. I like Tenas when I can afford them. Right now I'm using store brand pull ups and they're OK.

Old diapers are fine. It helps if they have refastenable tapes. Also the leg guards might get stretched out and cause leakage. Just something to think about.
Thanks so much! :) I'm looking at some new types myself. What store brands would you recommend?
I bought some Walgreen's Certainty ones last week. They're pullups with tapes on the side. Not the best, but they are working quite well. Cheap, too!
So, I found out that I can fit into xl goodnights. They're not very absorbant though. :\
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