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Since my stroke in March 2022, I have been hoyer lifted everywhere. From bed to wheelchair, from bed to recliner and then back to bed when I am tired. I am not allowed to walk at all at home yet. I wear diapers 24/7 every day. I don’t mind peeing at all and I enjoy pooping as well. I do see myself using a walker around the house, which I am happy about. I would not mind getting rid of the hoyer lifts. I am hoping I develop an easy way to sit comfortably in my power chair and I can take my power chair in the community
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Lord knows Hoyers take up a lot of real estate and setting up your house to use one coviently to be transferred from or to multiple eurfaces can be a PIA , and let’s not forget the elephant in the room , I have a complex rehab chair and it literaly is 500 pounds by itself , I am rooting for you my brother on a recovery of function , just for gos sakes don’t rush it , “bad etuff happens “ if your not a patient patient .
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I wish you good health and a quick recovery.
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Welcome and be welcomed!
Your goals are worthy and will help keep you motivated.
As Tetra stated above, move at the pace of you abilities and the exercise schedule that your support staff provide.
I have had three surgeries over the last three years and did very well by following the directions and schedules.
As you know, you will have down days, work to move beyond them, we all get them and understand.
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