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Hello everyone!

I'm a little living in the heart of Seattle. I've been an AB/DL for many years, long before there was a name for it, but never really explored the community until recently. I'm really excited to connect with you all, and hopefully make some friends!

I am 28 years old, use he/him pronouns, asexual, and use littlespace to relieve my anxiety and feel comfy. I don't usually rp, but I do like playing in VR with others.

I like playing games on my computer or switch, watching cartoons, and playing with lovies and dolls. A diaper, paci, and fuzzy jammies puts me right into littlespace 😊
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Welcome and be welcomed to the wonders of this world of ADISC as you will find it a safe place as near everyone here wears diapers.
I am really old and get lost with all the current terms like he/him and the other pronouns, but I at least understand asexual.
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welcome to ADISC, I think Edgewater describes it pretty well
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