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Howdie Y'all

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi! New to the forum, obviously!

I'm happily married to my amazingly understanding wife, who indulged my "dispered" side when I told her about it. It was her that said I should look for a forum to chat to more like minded people. So here I am!

I've wanted to wear diapers(nappies) since I can remember. My wife and I have had many a lengthy discussion as to why I've wanted them, that's a story for another time.

I'm pure and simple a diaper lover.

Outside of that I'm a pretty big geek, love comics, wargaming, role play, xbox etc.

Pleased to meet you all and hope to hear from as many people as I can and make some friends!
Hello fangbanger88 and welcome to the group.

Very nice introduction.

Dear Mr Fang,

I too only joined this website today. I thought I'd have a go at welcoming somebody to the site... so welcome! lol. I just wanted to say you sound very lucky to have such an understanding wife. Hopefully you can find what you want on this site, to find some like-minded people to talk to :) Oh, and always cool to meet a fellow geek :p haha although my geekiness may be a bit different, rather than comics and computer games, I like sci-fi and have a huge interest in science, physics, medicine - love learning new things. Would that make me more of a nerd than a geek? Not sure.
Thanks 😊

I decided long ago that I enjoy my hobbies and interests and they were part of what made me,me. so I embrassed it,before "geekness" became "cool"
haha I know what you mean, I've always been a bit geeky/nerdy/whatever. I was bullied in school because of it at times. Well, partly because I was socially awkward and partly sometimes due to being geeky. And clumsy. Being a child in the 90's, it wasn't cool to be geeky. If you weren't sporty or popular, you were nobody. But it was only when I properly embraced it that I felt better about myself.
Well hello! you sound like a great guy with a great understanding wife! I think it's a great thing for someone to push you into trying to find others that share your interests.
What kind of comics do you like? and what kind of games and so on?
Big Marvel fan (again before it was cool!) really dont like DC at all!
Currently addicted to Overwatch!
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