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In a bid to improve the overall quality of diaper reviews on ADISC, we created a standardized diaper review format. Diaper reviews are at their most useful when they provide information that can be easily compared across diapers. By creating a standard template which establishes several objective tests and other criteria, each new review added to our library improves the usefulness of the existing reviews within our library.

How to Gather the Data for a Diaper Review

Materials Needed:

3 of the diaper you intend to review
A tape measure or ruler
A liquid measuring cup that is a good size for measuring 100 mL of liquid
A chair to sit in
A thick and heavy book, such as a textbook or phonebook
A few heavy objects for holding a diaper stretched out
A camera

Time to Complete:

~30-60 minutes to complete the quantitative test and take pictures
~One day spent wearing and using the diaper while going about ordinary daily activities


1. Stack 3 diapers, each folded twice as adult diapers are typically stored in a pack, and put the thick and heavy book on them. Measure and record the thickness and take a picture of the diapers stacked next to your ruler or tape measure.

2. Take one diaper, and take pictures of its front and back while still unfolded.

3. Unfold the back flap of the diaper and take a picture of one back wing to show the design of the tapes.

4. Unfold the diaper and put heavy objects on each of the four wings to keep it stretched out. Measure length, width at the wings, and width of the center. Take pictures of the outstretched diaper on both sides.

5. Measure how much liquid the diaper can hold before leaking using the following test:
a. Put on a diaper.
b. Pour 100 mL of water down the front of the diaper.
c. Sit down in a chair, wait 30 seconds, and see if a leak develops.
d. Repeat with 100 mL quantities of water until the diaper leaks. For a rough idea of what to expect, premium, higher-capacity adult diapers have, typically but not always been shown to hold ~1.5-2L of liquid in most of our reviews.​

6. Take off the diaper you just tested for capacity, refold it while swollen, and put it next to a dry diaper for comparison. Take a picture of the dry and wet diapers side-by-side.

7. Put on a diaper and wear it over an ordinary day. Drink typical amounts of fluids, don't subject it to unusual physical activity, and just try to mimic a very average pattern of use. Take it off when it is full and begins to or is about to leak. At this point, note down:
a. how many times you flooded it.
b. about how long it lasted in hours.
c. if the tapes stayed stuck, if any came undone, if any shifted in position over time.
d. your impression of how crinkly or loud the diaper was.
e. your impression of the outer plastic or cloth cover – did it feel thick, thin, soft, hard, anything else of note?
f. your overall impression of the fit, noting roughly your own waist and weight for context.
g. if the diaper failed in some way, or if it worked as intended.​

8. A few other things to note for when you write the review:
a. Does the diaper have any notable features? Elastic waistbands, double tapes, wetness indicators, baby prints, or anything else of note?
b. What size is the diaper and when did you purchase it?
c. What was the price per diaper and which country did you purchase it?
d. Is there anything else that you feel really needs to be said about this diaper?​

Writing the Review

The diaper review format has 4 sections:
  1. A brief, untitled introductory section
  2. Appearance, Size, and Features
  3. Performance and Fit
  4. Price and Final Thoughts

Introductory Section

This should be a short introduction serving mostly to explain which diaper you are reviewing. It's important to be specific here. Include not just the name of the product, but which size you are reviewing and when you purchased it. Some diapers differ in appearance significantly across different sizes within the same product line. Some manufacturers of diapers update the design of their product line with some frequency, and it may prove important to future readers to know exactly which version is being reviewed.

Appearance, Size, and Features

Think of this as the section where you describe as much about the diaper as can be said before you actually put it on.

This is where most of your pictures and measurements will be used. You need to describe in detail the look, feel, and sound of the diaper. Include data on its measured thickness while stacked and dimensions while spread out. Comment on the tape system. Talk about every notable feature that the diaper has.

Performance and Fit

Think of this as the section where you describe everything you learn about the diaper after you put it on. The first thing you should discuss is the result of the objective capacity test, and include the picture from after the test comparing the thickness of a dry diaper to that of the full one. Then, you should comment on the observations you made during experience wearing the diaper over the course of a day. Explain how much it held under your use, if it fit well, if the tapes stuck in place or shifted over time, what the diaper sounded like, if it failed in any way, and anything else that you can think of.

Price and Final Thoughts

This is a brief, wrap-up section. First, give the price you paid for the diaper, where you purchased it at that price, and which country you purchased it in. You might also consider commenting on the packaging, especially if it's a unique product which can only be purchased from one place. Then, give a brief summary that ends with your overall impression of the diaper.
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