How to Wet in Bed?

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I am a male ABDL. I enjoy wetting my diaper and I wear them to bed. But I am having issues properly wetting while in my diaper in Bed. I usually end up getting the sheets wet. I am currently using either ABU Cushies or Simples. Any advice on letting go in Bed without getting sheets wet?? I mean..isn't that what diapers are for?
Proper got the right brand, is it the correct size? At night time, the front waistband should come up to your belly button.
Proper you have a snug fit? Is your junk pointing down? Some have suggested turning the waistband inside to create a waistband leakguard.
Proper wetting...try not to overwhelm/flood the diaper absorption.
Proper bed you have a mat to absorb any leaks. This sometimes helps to be able to relax about leaks.
Proper relaxation technique...wetting (micturation) is a complex biological process involving chemicals, nerves, and muscles. It helps to be able to relax as much as possible. It gets easier the more you do it. seems to fit proper and yes..junk is pointed down. I have no problem wetting while sitting or standing..I just let it trickle a bit at a time. Can't really do a plastic sheet on the bed as my wife does not like them. I will try to relax and slowly wet it...
You could try wearing plastic pants over the diaper. I actually wear a cloth diaper over Goodnites and then plastic pants and I never leak. I also have a 32" waist so I can fit into Goodnites. Your diaper will hold a lot more than Goodnites so you're already ahead of the game.
Also get a couple of good reusable absorbant pads (large ones)
Plastic pants work great and if you wear under wear between your diaper and plastic pants the underware will absorb any small leak.

Also if you are a side sleeper you will leak more often then not, if you can sleep on your back and you are,pointing down then you will find you leak way less.
If you're awake when you wet, roll to your back as the back usually has twice the padding as the front. If you're on your back and you leak out behind your legs, then the diaper just isn't very good. But you can pull your knees up a little to help with that. Let the wetness soak in for a minute or two before moving around too much or you'll just squeeze it out before it has a chance to be absorbed or turned into gel (if your diaper has gel granules).

I'm a bed wetter and sleep on my tummy a lot and a mom gave me a great tip yesterday. When you're changing you can use one of the wipeys or a dry gauze pad is better and place it over your penis, you can wrap it up basically. Then put the diaper on. Then when you pee, it diffuses the stream so it's not so powerful and sends it in different directions a little slower giving the diaper a better chance to absorb it all quickly instead of just concentrating on one little spot.

I tried it last night, and I'm not awake when I pee, but it seems like it worked because I wasn't soaked to the top of the front pad like I usually am, and I was just as wet in the rest of the diaper as I usually am so I know peed the usual amount.

Also the extra layers are a good idea too. When I'm nervous about the bed I'm sleeping in, like hotels and such, I wear one of those terry cloth pull on diapers and plastic pants over that. That way even in a pretty good leak from the disposable diaper, the cloth diaper over it will soak up quite a bit and then the plastic pants obviously make it waterproof so the bed stays dry.

Instead of plastic sheets, you can get a cloth type mattress protector that's still waterproof. They're silent under the sheets and you can't even tell its there. Even for none bed wetter they're a good idea because they protect your mattress from body oil, dead skin, sweat, etc. Your wife probably won't mind that because it'll let your mattress last many more years than normal, so you save $$$.
Might be a stupid question, but do you point "it" in your diaper up or down? All my problems were solved when I learned to point down XD
make sure there's a "gutter" in the crotch that forms a "V" and a channel for liquids to flow. Make sure your beanbag isn't plugging the gutter. If so, try to loosen up the fit, wear a wider crotched diaper, or fold the "V deeper and don't pull up so much when you tape, to maintain the clear channel to the back. Diapers that swell more will require a larger gutter because they will swell it shut a bit when wet.
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