How to Wear Diapers in Public


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We are a self-conscious bunch when we wear in public - I know from experience. Here are some ideas that helped me through; I hope they help you equally.

You're Not Alone -

It can be nerve-wracking to the step out into the world with your deepest secret tucked under your clothing. If you are still on the path to confidence in who you are, you're not alone.

Maybe thoughts like these are circling inside your head:

"Someone's gonna find out."
"What if my shirt rides up?"
"Will a sudden gust of wind expose me?"
"Is that crinkling as loud to them as it seems to me?!"
"What if mutant space aliens come down upon Earth and zap my clothes away and expose my secret to everyone?"​

Fortunately, once you know what to expect and how to prevent it, your worries will vanish. If the mutant space aliens come though, well, then you're on your own.

Cover-Ups -

Yes, a disposable diaper crinkles, but most people don't notice, and if they do, they still don't recognize what's making the noise. If you are still worried, these solutions work for me:

■ Pocket change - covers up the crinkling! (Just be careful not to let the coins fall into evil sofas, car seats, or through pocket-holes. They have a reputation for doing so, just ask my car.)

■ Keys - clipped to a belt loop - kill diaper noise and prevent losing keys.

■ Headphones - cranked loud enough their high pitched noise will cover your high-pitched crinkling.

■ Cloth-like Disposables - leak more but crinkle less.

■ Plastic Pants - are an extra sound barrier as well as a leak barrier, especially if your used cloth-backed disposable gets damp when sat on.

■ Intentional Noise - Slamming things on counter tops, purposely opening/closing doors, rustling newspapers; it’s like a mini temper tantrum where you actually get what you want. If all else fails, cough.​

Bulk of the Matter -

How much is too much exactly? This answer comes down to personal preference, there is no simple answer. It's important to figure out these factors to determine what you should wear or if you should not wear all together.

"Where am I going?"
"What will I be doing there?"
"How long will I be there?"
"What will the weather be like?"​

Go with common sense and ask yourself these important questions when getting ready for your day. If you have to second guess yourself then you probably shouldn't be wearing in the first place. Be practical.

What's that smell? -

■ Change Often - Again, CHANGE OFTEN. If you anticipate not being able to, use deodorant or perfume. Or both. Just don't overdo the perfume or you risk smelling like a skunk on a cheap date.

■ Messing? - Simply don't, if you have any choice in the matter. I don't recommend doing this when out in public. I find it's very disrespectful to others around you who should not have to put up with it. If you're incontinent, that's a different situation all together, and to be honest, it wouldn't be fair to you for me to comment on this subject because I don't do it myself. I know there are some pills out there that help with fecal odors but I'm no doctor so my advice would be to either Google it or consult your physician.​

Changing - easier than you think, with some planning.

■ Where to? - For restrooms, choose gas stations - the smaller the better, as their restroom door is not only outside but requires its own key, giving you complete privacy with no chance of intruders. Just keep your change time short so staff / the public won't bother you.

■ How to? - Practice makes perfect. Learn ahead of time how to re-diaper yourself: practice leaning against a wall and practice pre-taping your disposable and pulling it on. Bear in mind whether your footwear will go through the leg-holes or need to be taken off first.

■ Not alone? - Someone else in the stalls? You can start an air drier on your way in or flush just before you un-tape; flush again if you need to. Consider carrying scissors on your person - small folding ones - to avoid the noise of un-peeling tapes or the tape ripping open the diaper. Have a baggie or at least a grocery bag handy BEFOREHAND.​

Clothing -

...should be baggy.

Don't wear short tee-shirts that may ride up. Try wearing a onesie underneath your clothes which will cover the diaper on both ends and look like a simple under shirt. Boxers help with slipping issues along the waistline; any regular underwear over your diaper should cut down its noise. Track pants also cover noise. A hoodie or other clothing that has a tendency to flare out covers the bulge. You might also consider a choosing different diaper which has a thinner profile for wearing in public than the diaper you choose to wear in private.

■ Special mention - Don't keep pulling your shirt down! Most people wearing do this subconsciously or consciously, and it only draws attention to you. Wear clothes you would normally wear. If you don't normally wear track pants, then don't wear track pants just to wear a diaper. People that know you will notice and wonder...what's up? You want to draw attention to yourself as little as possible.​

Final Thoughts -

You may think the whole world already knows but they don't. If you are still scared, remember that if anyone does catch you they will probably be more embarrassed than you. If they try to mock you, just tell them you’re incontinent. What can they possibly say after that?

I hope all the grounds I have covered here have helped you bestow some faith in yourself that you can do this. There's really nothing left to say on this matter, so I will simply leave it to you. Good luck.

A special thank-you to Raccoon for help with editing.
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Just don't load the diaper with a No2, I cannot understand why anyone would try it. I wear 24/7 for years and I've had 2 explosive rear end incidents due to diarrhea...... both happened when i was out of house going home, both happened within a firing shot of the pan, both resulted in unpleasant mess. oddly both times, some months apart I was wearing the same pair of yellow plastic pants over the disposable Abena L4, I'd decided to condemn that pair of pants as unlucky and they'll see no further use.
Seriously no ShittyBoomBoom!
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From my experience a number 2 is out of the question unless you have somewhere to clean it up.
As far as wearing goes then just be sensible, no really tight clothing unless you want to be seen.
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I have leeked in public before but nobody really paid much attention.
I always have my changing bag near me so I can change find books on teen shorts if I need to.
It's just part of being little
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Remember it is nobodys business what your are doing in a stall. Relax and try not to think about others around.
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Boxer-briefs also help stop diapers from crinkly same with blue jeans in my experience. I'd wear a size larger pair of jeans with a belt if possible and a slightly longer/larger shirt then normal.

Also the scissors things wouldn't work at a place like a theme or amusement park. Six flags, Disney, Cedar Fair parks, etc. For tapes I'd just rip them off like you should do with band-aids on a hairy arm. Rip them off as fast as you can.

The down side of changing in a public restroom is changing standing against a wall. It requires you to get bad fit's at some point just via the learning process.
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Put your diaper on, put a pair of net fixation pants on, (if you want to wear plastic or rubber pants over your diaper put those on first before putting on the fixation pants), then put a large pair of boxer briefs, then put your trousers on, next you put a t'shirt or vest on, if you put a vest on instead of a t'shirt you then put a shirt on, if you put a t'shirt on instead on a vest, you then put a jumper on, next if you are wearing a jumper you put a coat on, if you are wearing a shirt you put a jacket on.

Make sure your t'shirt and your jumper is a size to big, as you don't want them rising up and exposing your diaper.
Weather or not you choose to wear plastic or rubber pants, by wearing net fixation pants, over your plastic or rubber pants (if you choose to wear plastic or rubber pants over your diaper) you hide part of the diaper bulge, inhibit the crinkle and stop the diaper butt sag, by putting boxer briefs on on top of fixation pants your diaper becomes almost invisible. The only way anyone can tell you are diapered is if you make it obvious or tell them.
After messing yourself it takes 17 minutes for other people to be able to smell you, you have that much time after pooping your diaper to find a place to change, if you prefer walking around in a poopy diaper (as I do) then use Chlorophyll pills to remove the poop smell, however these will take 2 weeks to start working (always read the instructions and consult with your doctor)
Next you put shoes and socks on, after that it is up to you if you want to wear a tie or bow-tie or anything else, my advice is try to look natural, act natural and walk natural. If you are waddling like a toddler, people will notice, so try not to do it.
All that you have left to do now, is walk out the door, lock the front door, and go grocery shopping for the week, or you could even go to a pub or restaurant and have something to eat, or just go walking for pleasure and exercise.

That is how I wear diapers in public,

However if you are thinking of wearing just diapers in public, I would say don't, while it is not illegal, it will strike many people who see you as; not normal, mentally retarded, insane, pedophilic, threatening, dangerous, weird or even just plane wrong, while we all know there is nothing wrong with just a diaper outside, other people do not, and because of lack of understanding they are intimidated by it, which often leads them to calling the cops, even though there is nothing illegal about it. IF you are going to wear just a diaper in public, find your self a forest or a desert, or some wear wear people can not see you, then you can run around in just your diaper as long as you like, do not try taking your diaper off, the one thing that makes wearing a diaper in public legal is because a diaper is classified as an undergarment if you are wearing undergarments you are not nude.

But walking around in just a diaper, or even just a diaper and a t-shirt in my opinion is not correct, this is because there is to much risk associated with doing this.

If you are going to wear a diaper in public wear cloths over it !
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Excellent advice!
Wow! Aspie, that was an amazing description of what you do. A lot of work. I, on the other hand, wear diapers under my pants. No fixation pants. No boxers. Just diaper, then pants. I also wear a larger shirt that hangs down enough to partially cover my butt. It's more fun and less constricted and more fun.

PS I think your calculation for intra-person odor transfer detection is slightly off. I think it's closer to 15 minutes and 53 seconds. I'm probably splitting hairs, though.
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The truth is nobody is really looking for people wearing diapers. If you walk with confidence you should be just fine!
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statik said:
It can be nerve-wracking to the step out into the world with your deepest secret tucked under your clothing. If you are still on the path to confidence in who you are, you're not alone.

Thanks, Statik. I knew most of these tips, but simply knowing that others have encountered the same problems I have is very comforting.
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I live in double pullups, and in crazy-close proximity to others (big-rig co-drivers), and I manage it with stealth, frequent changes & showers, and just using common sense & etiquette. It works for me!
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I wear black so if i do get a leaky diaper it doesnt show
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BordercollieTrigger said:
I wear cloth now because of money i wonder if theres different tips for cloth wearers.

Well, they're bulkier so discretion under clothing is more of a challenge, also they're more likely to smell as they don't have the built in odour neutralisers that disposables do. And obviously they have to be carried around wet if you change in public. So I guess the principles are the same, but it's likely to take a bit more effort!
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Unless you are wearing bulky diapers that really cause not only crinkle but a bulge under your pants, people simply aren't going to notice. People aren't going around looking for this, and unless something is so obvious as to stand out, no one is going to suspect.

Having said that, the OP gave some really good pointers. There are things that if you do them (no. 2) you will get noticed, if not ostracized. Don't do it. Also, I don't recommend going through TSA while diapered. From my own horrific experience, just don't do it unless you are truly incontinent or don't give a *&#n.

One final recommendation...

* Wear clothing that also crinkles. Some fabrics naturally making crinkling noises. That will mask the sound of a crinkly diaper.
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I might try this stuff when am reedy to go in public wearing diapers. I really don't want anyone to know
you can always use a disabled toilet the have a lot of room and most ha a changing table (if your light enough)
What about the way you walk or waddled how to you hide that
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What about the way you walk or waddled how to you hide that

If you find you're walking with a noticeable waddle and it bothers you, wear thinner diapers when you're out and about. I don't recall having much of a waddling problem but it did take a while to learn to walk in a comfortable way in thicker diapers (chafing notwithstanding). I still prefer thinner diapers for walking around. Ultimately, if anyone was to notice, they'd likely assume it was for almost any other reason.
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