How to wash Onesies/Colored shirts?


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Got some stains on some of my onesies, but I dont know how to sort them. Is there a good way to know what to wash together, or would it be better to was them each seperate? (There all ODU Onesies)
You generally should separate colored fabrics from lighter or white fabrics. If your onesie is a typical lightly patterned design you consider that to be a “ white” to be washed with other light fabrics. I do that with mine unless I don’t have enough lights to make a separate load.
Then I use a product made by Shout called a color catcher. They are small paper-like pieces that allow you to mix whites and colored fabrics. When I mix colors and whites and put in a color catcher it comes out very dark, almost black from the colors it absorbs. I’ve never had an issue when using them with color bleeding. So now I mix things with no problems.
Always best to simply wash separately or hand wash -
paying attention to the areas needing attention using minimal cleaning gels/powders/liquids etc.
Usual rules of washing to wash like colors together and whites aside.
The first wash is the critical one that sets the dyes color prints in fabrics -
subsequent washings not an issue.

AVOID HOT OR SEMI-HOT WATER - most detergent manufacturers will recommend COLD water !

And as usual watch the bleaches fabric softeners and other washing aids only as necessary

Dryers set stains making the further attention to removal even more difficult !
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I separate my colors. Whites, brights and darks. My color and pattern onsies go in with the brights on cold to luke warm water, white onsies are washed in hot water with bleach.
For pretreatment of stains on my white onsies I'll do a soak in detergent and bleach in the vanity sink first, then wash with the regular load of whites.
For pretreatment on my colored and pattern onsies I'll use this. Just dab it on the stain rub it in then wash with like colors and cold to luke warm water. ⬇️


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Wash in Cold water maybe try using some Shout stain remove !


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There are various stain removers to try. After washing them, hang them up to dry and look for any residual stain. Don’t use heat because that will set the stain.
Seasonedcitizen said:
There are various stain removers to try. After washing them, hang them up to dry and look for any residual stain. Don’t use heat because that will set the stain.
Remember that the SUN also generates heat and may upset the stain removal process - so dry in the warm breeze of shade - - -

Got a tarrish oily automotive greasy stain -
CAREFULLY consider using WD-40 - yes that miracle lubricant.
If the garment is totally soaked - this is going to be difficult and not a suitable project.
But if a few isolated random spots it is worth the try -
WD-40 goes on with a hint of very light yellow but will wash out clear -
At a sporting goods store I found a pullover with several small bicycle grease stains -
Got it for a next to nothing -
Sprayed WD-40 on the stain and worked it into the fabric to liquidate the grease spot -
Patience and elbow grease removed them and then a couple of launderings and voila good enough to call it new.

Have something that Shout Oxi-Clean is not working on consider other alternatives - Acetone is another maybe even
nail polish remover - use with care in a small inconspicuous spot.
Somethings in public view maybe worth it - unmentionables maybe not worth the effort but still salvageable.