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Hello I wanted to know if you guys have any good ideas on how to tell my mom that I am going to order a case of diapers off amazon. any sugestions
Don't tell her? Why does she NEED to know, if you can answer that with a reason besides "I don't want to have to sneak diapers past her" then perhaps someone can help
No it is becuase I may not be able to get to the package before she can
Hmmm..if you are in college... You are an adult and dont need to explain to her anything... Take steps to avoid her knowing... If its discreet shipping like most she won't know. If you are in high school I could why you would be nervous.
Of all the reasons you would have to tell someone, that's not a compelling one. Work your other options (sending to a UPS store, etc.) before you pursue this one.
littleabjames said:
No it is becuase I may not be able to get to the package before she can
Not a good reason to tell, really. I mean, would you want your parents telling you what they do in their bedroom simply because, if a box of whips and chains ever happened to show up on the doorstep, you should "understand"? No. Telling is, IMO, best done with some idea of how it benefits the other person.

Besides, there are a gazillion ways to discreetly receive shipments. On top of what's discussed in the article, I'll add that the UPS Store nearest me lets me ship there without a mailbox for $5. Done infrequently, that's not too bad. Of course, most of these methods require a mode of transportation.
Telling someone unless in a relationship should be a last resort, Unless you know they are verry oppen minded.
Do it discreetly, and ship the case to a UPS/Fedex store or PO box and avoid telling her in the first place.

Coming from personal experience, it's best to leave family members out of it unless you have absolutely no other choice.
Practice playing it off like you don't know why you got sent diapers and you were expecting something else.
Read the forums here! The answer is no, no, no! Don't tell unless absolutely necessary. As mentioned above, send them to a UPS store or even the distribution center (free). Do not tell her! You will be taken to a psychiatrist and not allowed any diapers until you move out.
Don't tell. There are plenty of discreet ways to receive packages, it's something your mom probably doesn't want to know about at all and isn't any of her business, and I have heard horror story after horror story after horror story of people who thought it would be good to tell and ended up forced to see a shrink or kicked out of home. You are far better off not telling and just telling an innocent lie about what the package is. If she's the kind who opens your mail and snoops on you, use a UPS store or a P.O Box.
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