How to put on a diaper?


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I'm sorry if this has been discussed before (relatively new here ^^), but I've ordered some diapers for the first time ever that are coming in very soon and I'm wondering what's the best way to put them on?

I'm a chunky boy, I've got a decent sized tummy that squishes when I lay down and sags a bit when I stand up, would laying down to put them on be a bad idea? Or would standing up to put them on be difficult for a newbie?
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What kind of backing do they have? Clothlike or plastic?
For me standing up makes putting on my diaper a whole lot easier.
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Check out the article under ABDL of the articles section of adisc! That gave me a starting point.

Everyone will have their own opinions and input of course. Being chunky too, my tip would be to tape at the narrowest part of your body so that it doesn't slip down as your belly moves. It will take a lot of trial and error and practice but you will eventually find what works best for you and also for a specific diaper on you. They can differ because of the cut, size, etc.. The fit of some may be better than others and the taping required May be different.

Lying down or standing should both work. Again, it's just going to take practice for both.

Have fun as a new padded explorer!
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For me I’ve always found it easier to put on a taped diaper standing up, but hey we’re all different!

1). I unfold the packed diaper/nappy and stretch it slightly lengthways and fold down the middle. This makes an ever so slight crease (it’s virtually undetectable) but it can help to dissipate and wick the moisture.

2). While standing, I bring the front of the diaper up to my waistline, and hold, and then bring the back up to the same level. The tabs are at the back!

3). I then hold the two sides, left and right together, and ‘jiggle’ the diaper very slightly around my waist to make sure it’s pretty much centred.

4). Next, taping: holding the right-hand side of the nappy I take the bottom right tab, peal-back the backing and bring across to the lower front side and press firmly into place. I’ve found if the tape is angled ever-so-slightly upwards on the landing zone, that helps to provide a secure snug fit. I then repeat in exactly the same way for the left side. The diaper hould now hold in place. Repeat right and then left for the top tapes, I tend to position them very slightly downwards on the front both left and right - but you’ll find what suits you best w a bit of practice.

5). The diaper is now on! You‘ll notice that most diapers have leak guards. These are the slightly folded areas, or cuffs, either side of the gusset. After putting on your diapers, run your fingers around these edges to make sure the cuffs are pulled out. Cuffs being tucked inside are a common cause of leaks.

You should now be comfortably diapered!

That’s the way I do it, and I copied a brilliant video by a young Scottish guy which I think was on YouTube and called something like ‘how to put a nappy on’ or something like that, but it doesn’t appear to be around now unfortunately.

As I said at the beginning, we’re all different, and what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. Lots of people prefer laying down, some people learn against a wall, so you’ll need to practice. Checkout the article on ADISC mentioned by Tunafish (above) and have a look online at some people wearing nappies to get an idea of how the tapes go.

Good luck and enjoy! 😊👍
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