How to Pronounce ADISC?

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Seriously though, is there any way you're supposed to say it?
I just read it as and pronoun it as "A Disc" but thats just me :)
Letter A, then Disk, as in "Floppy Disk".
Yeah, I thought it was A-Disc but I wasn't sure if that was just me. YAY I'm not alone :)
Personally I just pronounce the individual letters, like A-D-I-S-C because it's an aberration.
Just sing it along to the MICKEY MOUSE song...


Oh-oh R-r GEE!
I pronounce it A-Disc
In Canada, we pronounce it "Eh-disc".
I've heard "ah-disc" but most common from members I've talked to is "ay-disc" and it matches with my pronunciation.
I say ad-isc if that makes sense
(aye dee eye s see ) I believe is the proper way but what do I know eh?
I always pronounce it ah-disk and never seen it any other way
Yep, always simply said "A disc."
I've always pronounced it A-D-I-S-C. I didn't even know others pronounced it A-Disc until years after I joined. For some reason, A-Disc just doesn't sound right to me, so I'm going to keep pronouncing it as A-D-I-S-C.
Would have been interesting to see a poll.

Seems like most people either pronounce it speaking out each letter, or "ay-disc/a-disc" and it would have just been interesting to see which was higher. The post seems to imply a leaning towards ay-disc .. which I think makes sense.

I'm also one of the people who say "ay-disc" because I find it has a more natural flow in speaking conversation and do believe that it makes sense that it does. If an abbreviation does this is generally just about if it's possibly to speak it naturally in English as a word.. which is generally reliant on there being vowels present. Which ADISC does have. People say out MSNBC.. or NFL.. but that's because there is no good way of turning that into a spoken word due to lack of vowels. However most people say PETA like "pee-tah" because there is.
Milko said:
Seriously though, is there any way you're supposed to say it?

in 'supposed', you would used the same sounds as how they're used in the words they're shortened from; so, both short vowels.

and once again, a long 'a' [A] is pronounced 'A', not 'eh', 'ey', 'ay', 'aye' or owt else, and a short 'a' [a], 'a', as per the principle of an Alphabet by which single sounds are represented by single letters.
I first pronounced it as ad-isc but since moved to ay-disc as it is easier to say and seems to flow a little better.
I prefer spelling out the letters as my way of pronouncing ADISC. It's just more convenient to me than saying "ey-disk" or whatever.
Eh-disc. That's how I pronounce it.
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