How to make my nappies pop out


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How can I make my nappies pop out from when I am walking around in public
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Add boosters or double up diapers
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didn't you ask this like 2 weeks ago and it made no sense?
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Sounds like you want to be very noticeable while wearing your diaper while out in public.
For me, as a U-IC, I am not really into that, but with decades of experience I know a couple of things that I had learned to avoid.
The largest diaper starts with a double or triple nighttime cloth diaper with proper sized plastic pants to cover them. Wearing a tight pair of yoga pants and you will have the pop you are looking for especially the wetter it gets.
Now, doing such a thing comes with public comment that is not going to be positive, plus some members here that do not approve and especially those of us who are IC and have to be out and about everyday in the public. Strongly recommend that you consider backing off a bit and just enjoy wearing and wetting in public and not popping.
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superlittle04 said:
didn't you ask this like 2 weeks ago and it made no sense?
and I thought it was just me.........

I mean, how hard is it to add even minimal punctuation? Then maybe reread what you wrote to ensure it actually makes some semblance of sense... at the very least. This post left me scratching my head the 1st time I saw it though I think it may be worded a bit different this time.
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Sounds like an exhibitionist
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don't do this
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I am autistic
No seriously, don’t do this to draw attention to yourself. Whatever reason you have for wanting to make your diapers more obvious, please examine why you think you should involve strangers in public with that.
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