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look at the pic uploaded below. everytime i try and make this homeade diaper, it leaks through the sides, i always try and make sure the sides are pulled up but they and up folding over on the paper towel and the pee (that’s supposed to only be on the paper towel) is leaking through the sides and back. i’m thinking it’s because i always pull my it up in my underwear and make it TOO tight, making the sides fold instead if staying up. i have a 3 hour time frame when my parents are out today and i really want to try it, does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve this method?? thank u!


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I'm all for makeshifting, but I'll throw this out there also because it might be a good solution for you: If you can at least order yourself some plastic pants, this is all going to be so much more functional. Plastic pants don't need to go through the laundry either. You can wash them by hand quickly and easily in a sink, they'll dry quickly, and they don't take up much more space than a pair of ordinary underwear. I'd suggest something like one of the Rearz "diaper wraps," which are a one-size product with adjustable length and velcro tabs or snaps. You can load them with your favorite absorbent material and then put them on like you would any ordinary diaper. I often stuff mine with toddler-size or small adult prefolds, but other absorbent materials will work fine. They're less baggy that traditional plastic pants, so I think they'd be ideal for what you're doing.

Back to your question: Perhaps you can scavenge some elastic from some old underwear and use that to put some stretch in your leg cuffs. If the plastic is tough stuff, perhaps a few staples at the ends would be enough to hold it in place. If it's not, you might also make yourself a waistband and attach the leg cuff elastics to the waistband at each end.

In any case, paper towels won't absorb much, so you're liable to end up with a puddle in your crotch that just begs to leak out through any small gap. Regardless of what you do with the sides of your diaper, your best defense against leaks is adequate absorbency.
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i appreciate the long response! i will look into that!!