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In two days I have my first meeting with my to-be mommy which marks my first experience involving AB activities with another person. Before I get to what I want to ask you all I want to clear up a few things first. Mainly it is important to mention that we have done all the necessary planning and discussion involved with this type of meeting and plan to discuss it all again before it actually takes place. Secondly, I trust her very much and we have known each other for nearly 5 years at this point as best friends. Finally I think I should just say that while I am nervous for this new experience, I believe I am definitely ready for it.

With all of that out of the way it's time that explain what I want to ask. As a person who is constantly thinking I'm worried that I won't be able to relax and just let myself regress and/or ignore the embarrassment of being so vulnerable and dependent. I was curious as to what I can do to get myself into the head space for this kind of meeting in a way that will help me not put too much conscious thought into every single action I do. I'm not expecting to be able to get rid of every adult thought that races through my mind as this is going but I also want to be able to mitigate them well enough that I can enjoy my time without worrying as my grown up mind would.

Thanks in advance for the support!
The first suggestion is obvious I suppose. Try to relax. I'm sure it will feel weird, but once you start, you should lay back and enjoy it. Few of us get this kind of opportunity. I have been expressing my little side more and more to my wife. Now she calls me her little baby boy, and it feels nice. I think you should try to get into your "little space" and feel like a toddler or baby. Just let go of the adult self and become your little. That's the best I can think of at the moment.
I understand what your saying. I think a lot of my anxiouness about this topic comes from me thinking about thinking about it... If that makes any sense at all. When the actual time roles around I do believe that just laying back and relaxing will be the defining factor in whether or not I can enter "little space."

Thank you for the advice =)
That must be so exciting for you: congratulations! I'd give anything to be in your little's shoes. You blindfold him or her and or give them a pair of sunglasses. I know in the past this has helped me sorta block out any sort of judgment. The dressing up is a big part because if you can get them to feel "out of body" then they'll surly act out of body and I'd assume go to little space much easier.
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