How to find your posts/replies and comments on ADISC

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This is for anyone and everyone and everything that do not want adisc emailing them and telling them they have a new reply.

If you have clicked you would like to resive notifications when people have posted well done. You do not need to read this tutorial:thumbsup:

This is for the adisc users at do not want to have emails notifying them on new updates and comments. Think of this as a tutorial

Let's say I want to go looking for a post I did. Just one a post at I thought I made a lot of sence and I sounded well educated:graduate:

I first go up to my Username mine is @Angellothefox with no at.
I just thought it would do something if I put at after I post it.:sweatdrop:

Yours might be different. If you do not know where it is find welcome at the top right.
Now read what it says at the side of welcome.
No not the ab/dl/ic support community you silly pup:laugh:
The writting next to welcome at the right side of welcome that is your user name.

Once you hover over it it should go green:biggrin:
This indicates that you can click this text.

The green text appears when you hover over these five important things.
These are the words, Your user name, Notifications, My Profile, Settings and Log off.

Click Your User Name.
Once you have done that you will be able to see all the things you have wrote
I can also find what my friends put.
(I ..think it is replie wise..)

But say I did not want to see what I or my friend put. I want to see what other people have commented on my comment as I replied to their post.

Go to Settings at the top right.
Settings is in the middle of Log Off and My Profile.

Click it and it will take you to the posts that you posted a threat by yourself. Or
the replies of other people that you replied to on their thread post.

It is not going to be easy:sweatdrop:
but to find what others have been saying scroll and turn the page's until you find your comment.

Then read whats after your comment.
You may find someone saying hello to you.
You may not. But it is just something to check out because someone may
Quote what you have said in a conversation

Commenting hopping the person my see it is challenging.
The person may by pass it thinking your refering to someone else.

Replies are a little more better but still it is like a comment.

People use the Quotes which is the speach bubble when typing to get that persons attantion so they think Oh he is using my words.
It is a very eye catching way and is great for Role Playing.

If you can not find the thread go down and click on My subscriptions or is it more subscriptions?
And hopefully you will find everything you posted.

For a extra bonus I will tell you a bit about notifications.
The notifications is basically your mail box. It is where you get Private messages or PM's for short.
It is also where you can get friend requests.

So why do you need PM anyway. Well lets address the first thing at maybe likely to pop up.

Someone may PM you asking if you could do a little OVER PG-13 DIAPER RP.
Now First of all it is in PM so no admin or mod or the owner should tell you off and if they do I would question the PM because the whole point of PM is Private Message.
What is the point in having it if it is not private.

Also ask for the persons age and you tell them your age. Yes I know you have to be 18 or over to join this site but it will not stop people lying about their age. They may turn around with you and say I am actually 10.

If they want to do OVER PG-13 DIAPER ROLE PLAY in PM and they are under 18. Stop close PM and report it to a moderator or a admin.

:mad: It is one thing doing OVER PG-13 DIAPER ROLE PLAY in PM
It is a whole different ball game when a minor wants to play when they should not really be on this site!
They should not be PMing you.

Let's say for agument sake I was 10 years old and I created a account on this site. Then I said to you in PM want to do over pg diaper rp with me.

Rainbowkitty: What is your age
Angellothefox kit version: Oh I am 10
Rainbowkitty: You should not be on this site at all.
Then you would report me and Moo would have to contact me.
Or one of the other staff. They could easily ban me but for agument sake Moo is feeling genaress and sends me a email saying this.
TO Angellothefox kit version

Dear fellow user
I see you have lied about your age which go's against the ToS
You also went off topic on some threads and your spelling is atrosus ;)
I hear by lock your account until your 18th birthday

From Moo

Oh if they lie about their age in both the website and PM feel free to report them.

Or you might be the one that wants to do OVER PG-13 DIAPER ROLE PLAY in PM. Same rule applies both conferm you are 18 or over. If you are 50 find out weather anyone is 40-60. You could ...Er do OVER PG-13 RP in PM with a 18 year old when you 50 though it maybe frond apron.

Enough of that anyway I spend enough talking about RP.
The other way people may use PM is too talk to each other.
You see when talking to someone in the form and it is not part of a topic you could fall under these categories of braking the rules.
Stay on topic and No Spamming.

By talking to a person your going off topic and in a way spamming.
Unless you can talk to them whilst staying on topic.

The off topics forms maybe a good place for new and newer members to talk if they do not have the ability to PM just yet.

PM is good because it stops a giant thread of "Oh really I like that too" from happening.

People also use PM to wan other people of people.
Say they was a bad mod I do not think adisc has any of these.

But this mod will ban anyone who gets in there way even if you try to stick up for yourself. People can PM and say look out for them. Do not make any jokes you could get banned.

and visa versa.

To get to PM's Go to notification and click it.
Notification should tell you if anyone has contacted you with a little number.
Sometimes it is a friend request and other times it is a message.
Clicking Notification should tell you.

From their you should be able to replie to them or PM them yourself.

I am sorry for rambling on and I hope that helped you.:)
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