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Hi everyone! So I just told my hubby about my little / ABDL side and he is totally supportive and wants to learn more. Pleeease give him any advice you can.

Here’s a message from him::::

Hello all,
I would like to learn how to become a Daddy, and learn more about this lifestyle and/or fantasy (I know that it could be either, depending on the person). I would appreciate if someone could perhaps point me to some reading material.

Thank you!
Hello Princessmr,

In terms of books, I'd recommend There's A Baby in my Bed. Some of it goes off on rather a tangent, but there's some really useful insights in there, especially for someone being brought into ABDL by a partner.

However, I think how to be a good Daddy has more to do with the personal bond and communication between the two of you than advice in any book. Here are a few things which might be worth discussing in trying to find the perfect dynamic for you both.

- What kind of Daddy would you like to have, and what type would he like to be? He could treat you strictly, or be gentle, affectionate, grumpy, cuddly - or a whole mixture of all those things.

- What's your little side like? What activities would you like to do with Daddy? Do you want to be mischievous and get Daddy to tell you off, or do you want to be good and playful for him?

- What age would you like to be treated as? Are you a babbling infant, a tenacious toddler or a big kid who still needs diapers? Or do you move between all those things?

That might seem like a lot to take in, but to build a successful Daddy/Daughter relationship (or any other kind of ABDL dynamic), the most important thing is communication. From there things flow smoothly and everybody's happy. Unless you want Daddy to be cross with you. ;)
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What Sanch says is good advise. I don't have anything to add.

I would suggest that your husband create his own account on ADISC. We have many caregivers/mommies/daddies or whatever you want to be called here and it would help keep advice on track.

No pressure - just a suggestion.
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