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So I went to my first event in nearly 10 years and I think I knocked off a significant amount of rust off my ABDL socializing. However, back when I was more active, I really never did dive into my subby/sissy side very much. Now, I fell I'm in a place where I think I can dig deeper and see where those feelings take me. But here is my question:

I'm looking to attend another event (Teddy Munch Spring Party in April) and I'm considering asking for help with putting on makeup (for my first time ever).. But I'm really new and I don't know anyone at the event or in the community at large. What is the proper etiquette? I don't want to present like I'm a creeper or anything. And I don't want to impose on my would-be new friends. So how do you bring up the subject without lighting up social stigmas?
Well granted I've never been to an event but as everyone there is going to be a sissy or an abdl I don't think anyone would mind helping you with your make up. If it were me I would just go up to someone doing their makeup and say that that this is your first time and ask if they would be interested in helping you. That way you will get a straight answer yes or no and just repeat until you find someone kind enough to help you. Who knows you might make a friend by asking.

Hope this helps, ttfn ta ta for now.:laugh:
Maybe try the June meet too???
I would consider the straight-forward approach. I'm just checking in with others here to see if that is *too* direct? As I mentioned, I'm looking to make connections with others, but I'm not trying to impose on them.
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