How rude caling me a lurker.

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Hi there, everyone.

Almost forgot to come visist adisc.

What to tell about me... Well i am almost 26 years old. Im new to the ab part. I've started the diaper fetish when my mom started forcing me to wear diapers for bed when i was 8 years old. Years have past and with 16 i tried my frist diapers and loved it. After that, i mean at this time, i started feeling babyish and wanted to try someday. Maybe buy a pacifier. I've always liked being a daddy but now i am feeling that i would like to feel how it is to be treated like a todler by a mommy to. Anyways, that's just the abdl thing.

About my interests: Im an actor. Finished my degree 3 years ago and i am, at the moment, giving theatre classes. Love my job and still want to try new things. I did classical ballet and contemporary dance, to for 4 years. Now i want to go for masters and PhD in Theatre. So...

I think it sums it up for now.



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Hi and welcome. Good introduction and now, you're no longer a lurker! Cool on the theater. I'm a church musician and used to do a lot of children's musicals. It was a lot of fun.
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