how my mri went

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awful title but ill launch into things anyway
for those who arent aware I recently underwent a full scan of my brain and spine Ill receive the results on the 9th
had my MRI yesterday and it went bad then mediocre but I made it through
got to the place which was over an hours drive from home where I proceeded to change into a clean diaper and a gown

the machine was surprisingly big the staff had also placed a pad on the bed thankfully my body had decided the waiting room was the place for an accident and not the inside of the machine so the incontinence didnt play a role.
they laid me on the table and the first thing I realised was that on the ceiling of the room there was a screen showing the sky and grass which I assume is to be calming before they slide you into the machine but it just reminded me of the death scene in soylent green which was slightly unnerving
they gave me headphones and the panic button and then put the cage on my head, they slid me in the machine started and I immediatly had to use the panic button/ball. the noise was far too much it was killing my ears so they slid me out I was almost crying and apologising like mad they gave me earplugs and with those and the headphones the noise inside became bearable

the cage I wore over my head had mirrors within it so I was able to see out of the machine and look at the area with the staff and computers it also allowed me to realise that everyone in there could probably see right up my gown...

the interior of the machine was well lit and somewhat spacious and with the mirrors it meant it wasnt claustrophobic the biggest help being that I couldnt tell how far I was inside the machine so whenever the table began to move I just closed my eyes and then reopened them, I kept my eyes open for the vast majority of the scan

while within the machine the most noticable thing for me was heat , I was covered in sweat and felt very warm despite being clothed in only a gown and diaper. I learnt that a part of the machine had a small black mark on the ceiling which was fantastic as it meant I was right over the fans and therefore a little cooler still sweated a lot and had a very very dry mouth for most of it also had some minor muscle twitching a focused heat in an area or 2 and for a long time a sharp feeling in my shoulder which may have just been me laying at an angle slightly or the head brace digging in a little bit

throughout the scan I laid still as I could although between images I did move my fingers and toes slightly when I was given the chance, for most of the scan I was counting usually to 30 often in sync with the noises emitted by the machine which is a weird thing to do but Im apparently pretty weird

eventually they let me know through the intercom that they were doing the last image I waited for the noise to stop and then was finally slid out of the machine
I hastily removed the headphones and earplugs and once I stood up I was actually dizzy for a while, the person who got me out helped me walk to the change room and gave me some water I then redressed collected my films and went home

In my previous posts I mentioned it would take 70 mins as that was the time quoted to me however when they took me out the staff member said it was probably about 45 minutes which is of course a noticable improvement over 70

if anyone has any questions feel free to ask anything and I welcome any and all posts


Well done. Glad you got through it. I can't see without my glasses, so the mirrors are no Help to me [emoji107]

I hope the results are good


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Its good to hear that it went fairly good for you. When they give an estimated time it will take they add extra time in case you more or something happens that they have to redo any images. Trust me even if they did see your diaper while you were on the machine it wouldn't have been the first time they have seen someone diapered in there. They have people all the time in the machine that is incontinent and diapered. I'm diapered every time I get an MRI cause I'm IC and diapered 24/7.
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