How much money do you spend on being little per month? Honest answers please!

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I (we) are not here to judge peoples choices on what they spend their money on. I'm just genuinely curious as to how much some people spend on being little.

Including everything that you'd use specifically to regress (diapers, accessories, food, etc.), how much do you think you spend per month?

As a student without a load of cash, on average i'd say that I spend about 20 euro (22 dollars) a month on it. I live with flat-mates, so regressing properly is more of a once a week type thing for me.
It's pretty hard to estimate I would say.

If I'm checking only diaper-related stuff, well, I buy in bulk, so last time, I bought packs of diaper and diapers inserts worth 220€ (that was last August). But, they are going to last till at least February I would say, the inserts might last longer. Previous purchase was in February (I still haven't finished every diaper yet)

I don't buy clothes very often but it costs quite a bit when I do. Last time was some sissy dresses/skirts/bloomers for about 130€, it was in March.

As for more regular purchases (wipes both flushable and not, baby food and sometimes baby items such as baby plates, sippy cup, bottles, toy, etc.), I would say about 30 to 35€ a month. But I spend around 10€ of baby food ("compote" like appesauce but with other fruits too) for dessert every other week.

So, if I made a quite calculus, it's around 60 to 80€ a month for everything ABDL-related.

It used to be far less than that but having a decent salary makes quite a difference now. Plus, some stuff I buy are not going to be purged, so the clothes are expensive but here to stay.
I"m not AB just DL. I don't use the toilet anymore at home. I diaper supplies cost me about 125USD a month. That includes diapers, boosters and occasionally replacing worn out plastic pants.
My last order was mainly diapers -- I don't really spend money on other stuff. I have a few onesies and footed pyjamas, but they last for years.

Anyway, my last order cost €200 and I reckon it'll last for 12 months, so that works out around €17 a month (£12 / US$18). Maybe less if it all lasts longer...
DL only and wearing about 16/7. Average $150 p/month in diapers, boosters, and other diapering supplies.
I just spent $90 on abu diapers =S
I expect to use like 2 or 3 a week. so I should have about 10 weeks worth.
I also buy goodnites and pampers, $13 or $9 those last about two weeks as well.
I would have to estimate about $20 a month for diaper stuff for me.
MickeyM said:
I just spent $90 on abu diapers =S
I expect to use like 2 or 3 a week. so I should have about 10 weeks worth.
I also buy goodnites and pampers, $13 or $9 those last about two weeks as well.
I would have to estimate about $20 a month for diaper stuff for me.

For me, given that I am medically incontinent for real, I spend ~ $100.00/month on diapering supplies.
About US $120 per month, depending on if I choose my usual (AbriForm) or my favorite (Amor). But I wear every night, plus whatever I wear during the day. So I go through a full case every month. I don't usually indulge much in the AB side, just on occasion.
For me it's usually a once a month or once every two month kind of thing and usually only about £10-£20.
Probably less than 20 dollars, and it's not every month since my stash lasts a while
Let's see. I average a little less than a diaper a day (I wear one diaper 5-6 days a week, sometimes two on a weekend), though I do like the nicer diapers, so let's call it $40 a month on diapers, give or take. I've had a few other one-time expenditures like getting some training pants from baby pants and a couple pairs of footie PJs. Averaging that over a year, I'd say it's maybe another $25 a month, so I guess about $65 a month, though I don't have any plans for new clothes at the moment, so it might go down closer to $40 over time.

Not bad when I think about it. Considering how much pleasure I get from it, it's way cheaper than alcohol, most club memberships, or eating out frequently as sources of pleasure.
Well I spent around $300 on various items last month, but that is because I just moved out on my own (now living with no one! :eek: ). I probably have not spent that much combined in all my life. Probably will end up averaging around $30-40 for diapers, then some for little stuff or experimenting with cloth.
It's hard to say. I tend to fluctuate between $20 to $40 per month, even though I recently made a $160 purchase, which is well out of my norm. :sweatdrop:
I just spent $70 on cloth diapers from Dependeco (I have a bunch already, but I am in between sizes which messes things up). I try to keep it to one cloth diaper a month ($40) and then I usually buy wallgreens diapers and boost them with baby diapers to fill the time i'm not wearing cloth. In the end, on average, I probably spend around $100-140 a month on diapers because I wear 24/7 out of choice. I think I probably binge on things a little more than I should, but in the end, I do OK on money, hopefully my luck doesn't run out on that though.
Hard to really say since the amount I spend per month wildly ranges with some months spending a lot and other months not spending any money at all. But on average, I'd say I spend $100 per year on diapers and other ABDL stuff. So approximately $8.33 per month on average. Though I'm sure the amount I spend will go up as I make more money.
I fluctuate quite a bit - If we had access to decent disposables in NZ, it would probably be substantially higher.
As it is now, I probably spend $30/month once it all averages out - However, due to place an order with Dependico, Littlies down under, and baby-pants which will likely be 300 - 400 bucks. Shipping sucks :/
I spend a whole $0 per month (gotta love living in a college dorm room).
I would say I spend about $30 per month average. Like everyone else though, the price I actually spend month to month fluctuates quite a bit.
I budget $100/month. I like being able to pamper myself as much as my little heart desires. That means being able to afford a full case of the new space diapers when they come out. Those will be good for 80 nights for me, so about $50/month is my average spend.
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