How much bigger are Abena M4's than S4's?

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Hi Guys!
I recently purchased a couple cases of Abena S4's, and unfortunately, they didn't come in the original plastic-back kind. However, I did find out that the plastic-backs are available in the M4 size. I have a 27" waist and I'm 5'6" (S4's go up to 27"). If anyone can help me out here that would be amazing. Thanks in advance!! :)
I think you would basically be swimming in them. Of course, you can try a sample pack although you may have better luck with the small dry 24/7s from XPMedical.
I agree on trying dry 24/7's they are cut slightly larger then the Abena line and a small in 24/7 will fit better then a medium Abena

I tried the M4 Abenas and they fit but really snug on the sides (not much taping room) but the large fit but were way to big. The dry 24/7 mediums fit me perfectly as they are just slightly larger then the medium Abenas

Try some samples of the dry 24/7's if they fit then try a bag befor you order a case as I find trying,one diaper never gives me enough info on if it will work, out for day to day use
I tried that, being in the same place as you. They're 'okay'.

The plastic isn't worth it being wayy bigger. I like the s4s because of how they fit me. Although, the M4s are a LOT thicker.

I would say, stick with the S4s, but try the M4s. You're only going to wonder until you try.
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