How Many Hours Should You Stay In A Wet Diaper?

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I know this Seems Like A redundant Question But i would really appreciate some kind and thoughtful answers. I can't Seem to find a Straight answer anywhere so if you are wearing a good diaper like an Abena m4 but like have not like soaked it through completely how many hours do you and most importantly should you stay in the same diaper and how do you know if it needs changing i ask because i feel like i am getting rid of diapers too soon or they leak on me

Thank you for your Thoughts :smile1:
I stay in a diaper until it needs changed. :)

It's not exactly the answer you're looking for but that's kind of the best I got. That being said, after 8 hours, the combined wetness, padding beginning to bunch up, and the leak guards becoming uncomfortable make me look for the next opportunity to change. I have gone for 13 hours before, but I was VERY uncomfortable and eager to take the diaper off. Hopefully that helps a little bit. :D
8 hours is generally as long as you should stay in one before a change (or else you're running a risk of a rash). If I wear during the day, I'll stay in one for roughly 4-6 depending on how many times I wet it.
I think it depends on several variables. Starting out clean (as in just after showering) and using a good barrier cream around your private parts, you can go a good long time as long as a high quality diaper can keep up. I have gone over 20 hours on a Dry 24/7 when traveling. It did get a bit uncomfortable after 12 or so hours, but more from driving position with a heavy diaper, than skin issues. Everyone is different and I would imagine what you drink could effect you ph and lead to more or less discomfort. I would never mess #2 and leave it for than 30 or so minutes as that can lead to other unsanitary issues. But urine with propper preparation can stay with you a pretty long time without dramatic concern.
Every time that I use a new brand of diaper I test it in a controlled situation. I put the diaper on like normal and put something down to protect my furniture. Then I start loading up on water :) every time I wet I check my pants for wet spots. Once I get little wet spots on my pants I'll stand up and flood to see if I leak bad, this will let me know what to expect if I'm caught out in public and have to go with an all ready soaked diaper. I'll usually keep a diaper on until I feel that it's full or I need to go out and don't feel my diaper has enough capacity left.
I sleep in mine, often starting out wet, so I'm in it for a good 8 hours, and I've not had any problems. I use Johnson's baby lotion after my shower, and it seems to last all day and night.
For me, the hours is variable. I judge by how much of the padding is soaked and how thoroughly it is soaked. Going 16 hours is fine as long as the diaper is still intact. Wearing 6-8 hours during the day in a Dry 24/7 is more likely. My usual wear scenario is wearing to bed, sleeping, then changing when the diaper is full a few hours after waking.
Yeah like everyone else says, 8 hours is alright if it's just wet. As a lot of others, I sleep in my diapers so I'm in them for about 7-8 hours normally.
In my opinion and experience, anything over 8 hours starts to run the risk of bacteria growing in your wet diaper. I have found that even if I am not very wet, I will still change a little before the 8 hour mark. I have noticed that the smell of a diaper really begins to change after that time, and that means that you have bad bacteria in places that you really don't want any kind of infection.
That is why, to me, it is so important if planning to go a long time padded (like over 8 hours) to be very clean. Straight out if the shower and a good barrier cream will slow down the bacteria as well as prevent rashes and the like. You would be amazed at how much bacteria builds under there after just walking around in hot weather. Cleanliness from the beginning is key.
Depends on the quality of the diaper for me. If they can support many wettings, I will usually stay in it until I notice it starting to stink. With that said, I never go to bed with a premium diaper that is already wet, as I tend to wake up and the odor from the diaper is unbearable. You got to keep in mind that you have bacteria in your nether regions, staying in a diaper that long and adding moisture to the mix is a breeding ground for bacteria.

But the longest I've ever stayed in a single diaper I think was 24 hours, and that was a bambino bellissimo. I swear you can drink a 44oz of caffeinated soda, wet that thing till the cows come home and it will still accept more. They tend to stink up on me before running out of capacity.
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