How long would 8 packs of diapers last for me?


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If I were to use the 8 packs of diapers everyday 24/7, how long would it last me? cause I wanted to go 24/7 but I am also trying to save money so I may get more than that in the future.
really depends on which diapers youre looking at and how much you pee and whether you are planning to use them for #2 as well

to find out the number for you personally, wear 24/7 for just a couple days and count how many you use in a day. multiply that by 30 and thats about how much youll need for a month.
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You need 3-5 diapers a day for 24/7 wearing. There’s absolutely no way to go about it cheaply, sorry. You can go for cheaper medical diapers which tend to be around $40 for 30 diapers.

I absolutely can not in anyway endorse being in a wet diaper longer than 8 hours no matter how absorbent. Especially when wearing 24/7 and not allowing your body much time to breath between changes.

You’re just asking for a rash lol.

I would instead suggest choosing a week or two out of the month where you allow yourself to indulge in wearing 24/7.

Also this isn’t even getting into the harm it’s gonna do to your bladder. I was wearing 24/7 for about 2 months and now it takes me 10 minutes to pee (I went into it with the goal of making my bladder weak though).
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The longest period of time I have spent in nappies as an adult is a fraction over four days and I needed around three for daytime and one for overnight. Going full-time 24/7 would be a very big commitment in time (changing/clean-ups additional showering/baths, additional laundry etc) and also will involve considerable expense, as well as the logistics of disposing of a continuous stream of used nappies.

I really enjoyed my first longer spell in nappies but realistically I don’t have the resources to be full-time, especially when I don’t have to be. I’m looking forward to another weekend of wearing soon, and, if the circumstances were right I would possibly consider combining a couple of weekends with the weekdays in between to make a nine-day experience - so maybe that’s something to consider to see how you get on?
RearZ or Tena ?
80 or 170 ?
Piece of string springs to mind
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What’s the math giving you trouble? There are so many variables such as the quantity of the diaper, your frequency of wetting, your volume of wetting, your tolerance for staying in a wet diaper, the situations in which you’re wearing, how much you’re exposing others to your diaper odors, and many more so without answering these your question isn’t answerable.
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DiaperDuck said:
If I were to use the 8 packs of diapers everyday 24/7, how long would it last me?
If you started with 8 packs, then only one day. 😀💡
I use from 2 to 3 day basically !
It pretty much depends how much fluid I have !
I use two per day and only more than that if my bowels do not cooperate with me. Right now I have 8 months supply of diapers at 2 per day.