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Hey all. So me and my fiancé bought some locking plastic pants that go over a diaper. I was told by my fiancé if I pooped in the diaper while at work then she would make me sleep in it all night and she wouldn't unlock it as a punishment. She will be at work for 5 hours and obviously over night would be 7-8 hours. So say 10- 12 hours I would be in a dirty diaper. Is this safe? How long can you go in a diaper of poop? Would the smell be too bad to stand for us?
Poopy diapers stink pretty bad. When I poop I usually clean up within an hour or two or three. If you have sensitive skin you might get a pretty bad rash. If I'm away from home and poop I wait till I get home and shower.
i generally change within 4 or 5 hours otherwise it starts stinking and i cant really manage the odour that well. sure the feeling is quite nice to me and i rarely get rashes but i still havent stayed in a messy diaper for more than id say 9 hours. the longest ive been in one is roughly 7 or 8 hours. got changed into my last one after lunch and couldnt get back home until 8 to have a shower and get changed.
I don't think you should do that. That's asking for trouble.
kinda said:
I don't think you should do that. That's asking for trouble.

Thanks for the replies. But to this Quote why is it asking for trouble. You just left me hanging lol
Well, if you're thinking to stay in a dirty diaper for more than an hour or two, are you applying heavy cream and powder or just wearing a diaper by its self? You also might want a booster for just in case as well. I try not to be in my own mess for too long otherwise its a risk of getting a rash unless you're using extra heavy cream.
Ok thank you all
Well I would say you should change ever so offen every few hours if your wet, and messy not long after you have done it, and if you love wetting let your skin breath for a hur or so ever few diaper changes this will make sure you don't get damaged down there but still enjoy yourself, this is my view and I only wet so I don't know about messing really but hope that helps.
Staying wet ofer night is not s big deal but with a mess you are better off cleaning up and changing as soon as you can. staying in a messy diaper for punishment is not a good idea.
Staying in a messy diaper for that long is asking for major diaper rash as well as a very stinky diaper. This is not including the mess of clean up and dry poop not good. Most I have stayed is 4 hours and that was with a thick coat of maximum strength desitin.
For some reason I just can't stay in a wet diaper just feels strange for me, so as soon as it's been used I must change it as soon as possible.
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