How long can I wear after going #3?

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Warning... this is sort of a PG13 post!

...There's tons of threads about how long you can wear diapers after #1 or #2, but I frequently will masturbate in my diaper and want to know how long other people (who do the same thing) will continue to wear the diaper?

It sort of brings up the "post-coital guilt" issue where one wants to immediately take off the diaper completely and purge...

But say you're able to get past that (which I am forcing myself to try to do), how long is it generally ok to wear the diaper if you have cum in it?

As always, thanks and I look forward to reading everyone's responses!
I can't think of any pressing factors other than your own comfort. Any significant quantity of urine makes it largely irrelevant anyway, as far as I'm concerned.
I'm sure your fine, not like its made of flesh eating acid. Have fun.
It's actually a very small amount of liquid. As far as masturbating goes, diapers are one of the better and more sanitary ways to do it and they'll last just fine afterwards. As with all of these things, don't go so long that it starts to smell and you're probably okay.
I believe it will not affect how long the diaper will be wearable at all. If you do want to flush it away, just go #1 to dilute it and have it wicked into the diaper. Either way, you may continue to wear the diaper normally.
Long as you like.....
I'd just rub it into the diaper really good...
I've went to bed numerous times in the past padded and then masterbated to completion, fell asleep and woke up in the morning. No Ill effects really, if it can absorb a bladder full of wee I am sure a tea spoon of semen is not a problem to be concerned with :)
You're not going to get a rash or anything bad for staying a few hours in contact with your seminal fluid. If anything, some even say that it's good for your skin! But, as others said, it's going to get so diluted the moment you pee in your diaper that you won't even find any trace of it the moment you change (personal experience :eek: )

The only downside I can think of is that, depending on what is your "technique" of choice, the padding might clump up a bit from the mechanical friction and render the diaper a little less comfortable (and that's why, if you like to go wild at it, you might want to wait until you already have to change), but if you can use a method that doesn't affect the padding then no problem ^^ This is especially important if you're training yourself on getting over the post-coital guilt, it's easier to give in to the temptation of taking your diaper off if you're wearing a clumped-up uncomfortable one - and end up not diapering yourself back - than if you're in a fresh and perfectly good one! (again, personal experience...) :cool:
If only diapers could get pregnant and give birth to clean diapers, oh well one can dream.
Nothing like waking in the middle of the night and then grinding one out without waking the wife..and then relaxing back to sleep!
Anyway... I have slept many a night, 8 to 10 hours with 1 & "3" without any issues.
Agreed with Nam above. I have slept the night after #1 and #3 many times with no issue. I imagine after 20 plus hours of whatever you got inside will really start to smell. But that would be the worst of it.
There should be no problem with it all, I have done it many times and every time everything has been fine.
I agree with most of the above, I regularly put a #3 into an already wet diaper and sleep in it. It Shouldn't be any different to just being wet :)
BabyBride said:
Nothing like waking in the middle of the night and then grinding one out without waking the wife..and then relaxing back to sleep!
I've done this at times in the morning before work and wore the diaper for hours, especially if you wet at all, it really doesn't even phase me anymore. I can't even really notice that it happened in the diaper at all at diaper change time.
When my husband gives me some I keep it in my diaper as long as possible. Just depends on how long afterwards I have to wet myself and the diaper is near capacity. Usually at least overnight. It is healthy as long as it does not start to smell.
Yeah I'll go the whole night in a #3 diaper quite often, and like everyone said, there are really no adverse affects. As long as we're being honest... throughout most of middle/ early high school (before I could get diapers), I'd rub one out in my underwear and fall asleep like that damn near every night. Lol so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.
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